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India Opening 3 ODIs In World Cup No Must Wins This Way

India Opening 3 ODIs In World Cup No Must Wins This Way

The ODI World Cup 2023 is set to start from Oct 5. India will play three big matches to start with, initially. There will be all 48 ODIs to be played for the 2023 World Cup in different venues of India. Firstly, remember and do not panic. India opening 3 ODIs are not so crucial. The World Cup opening match is between England and New Zealand. World Cup ODI 1 of 48 on Oct 5. Mostly, the ODIs for 2023 World Cup in India would be the day-night affairs, starting from 2: pm IST.

India opening 3 ODIs will be against Australia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. First with Australia, second with Afghanistan, and the third and big match with Pakistan. Even if India loses to Australia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, there still one could apprehend that India would reach to the semi finals. If India wins the semi final, and then it would also likely to win the final too.

However, India is considered by the experts as second favorite to win the World Cup. First is Australia. Pakistan’s team would feel the heat of losing to minnows again as Pakistan begins their campaign by playing their first match with a qualifier. But India would play the minnows later on. This would definitely help India in case of pushing up their NRR.  

Here comes the famous dialogue of late Bollywood actor, Amrish Puri, who said: “Khelnedo, khelnedo, hummm baad me khelenge”. This means, “let them play, let them play, we’ll play later on”. So, India will play Australia on Oct 8, will play Afghanistan on Oct 11, and Pakistan on Oct 15 to begin with. Then comes some ease for India to play attacking cricket. 

Thereafter 3 ODIs, India would play Bangladesh, New Zealand, England, the qualifier, South Africa and another qualifier. The two qualifiers as mentioned would be most likely Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe or just in case Netherland. Starting with Bangladesh (Not so good performer in crucial games) to next one, New Zealand, till India’s last match with a qualifier, India can accelerate in both ways.

India’s acceleration in the run-rate, and winning all these matches would be the flat road to ride to qualify for the semis. These matches after the 3 big games, initially are scheduled to be played on Oct 19, Oct 22, Oct 29, Nov 2, Nov 5 and Nov 11. 

Teams, who win 6 or more than 6 ODIs out of 9, of the 2023 World Cup would qualify for the semis. This opens the gate for semifinal achievement for India after winning at least 6 ODIs. It’s again would be tough for India to reach the final. The analysis could say many things, and India is considered as second favorite to win the World Cup even at home soil. The record of winning ICC trophies for India is poor since more than a decade.

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