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5 Best Plugins to Upgrade in WordPress to know top tips too

5 Best Plugins to Upgrade in WordPress to know top tips too

As a beginner, or running a bit older WordPress site, you need to know these 5 best plugins. There are advantages by installing for FREE these 5 best plugins and then upgrade to, for more benefits. You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking to invest as a beginner. Beginners usually invest money here and there, and after that the tough time comes in their way. It needs some more to read and this entire article would be worthful for a complete read. Learn more other useful tips and suggestions too.  

Tired of creating blog articles without substantially doing good, bloggers quit and this is not much worrisome. However, let’s know, BLOGGERS consider what and do what initially and later on before disclosing the 5 best plugins, you should upgrade to.   

Honesty is the best policy. Also, for any blogger to help the beginners, it’s not all depends upon the SEO work, but informative and knowledgeable content, which matters a lot.    

Beginners need to read and learn the best tips, which many bloggers provide for FREE to the READERS because all bloggers know the importance of ranking higher in the search engines like Google. They know if they produce quality and informative content, they would surely gain not what they deserve. BLOGGERS deserve much more. They do their best.  

If they can provide informative and quality content, then why not they go ahead in the race? They might not know everything about using some best FREE plugins to 5 best plugins for their WordPress site to generate organic traffic. Organic traffic is the best traffic, which is driven by search engines like Google for good revenue through AdSense.    

Let’s support the excited beginners, who would create some excellent blogs, but…

Let’s begin with 5 best plugins to upgrade to

Don’t just skip this valuable content to go down to know the 5 best plugins. The first wish, certainly of any BEGINNER, would be to know how many views his or her blog article made within sometime. Some would wait for an hour and see the results, and others check frequently. Let’s know some FREE 3 best plugins. These include AMP by Google to accelarate the speed of your blog and to generate about 15% more revenue.   

5 Best Plugins, AdSense, Bloggers, WordPress Site
AMP Plugin by Google: ScreenShot

The second one also by Google to play safely, to be in a good position, is SITE KIT. Third is the ALL IN ONE SEO (AIO – SEO) plugin.

Some bloggers invest money as told by the developers, would be disappointed to see the results, which they would like to. All developers and coding experts would not come for FREE to help whenever the need arise. But to see how visible is the blog, there would be surely some requirement to invest sensibly. Invest a bit, but in the best possible way.

5 Best Plugins, WordPress, AdSense Revenue, Website Speed

Some bloggers give up by producing content consistently for about 2 years, confused or bothered to UPGRADE what and why to speed-up their blogs. Also, some bloggers give up if they would not make more money, which also might not be the solo reason.

The motivation for them to work hard, surely would be insufficient and they need proper guidance. The guidance for them to GROW, would be known by reading many more blog articles, which guide them honestly.

They need to read and learn the best tips, which many bloggers provide FREE to the READERS because all bloggers know the importance of ranking higher in the search engines like Google. They know if they produce quality and informative content, they would surely gain.    

Meanwhile, Beginners Vs Experienced Bloggers 

Beginners usually have enough money to invest rather than experienced bloggers who won’t invest, but keep looking to earn more. Experienced bloggers have their own responsiblities and should they work hard or still in the groove to make money?. They also INVEST MONEY to upgrade best plugins or hire authors, or do just whatever suits them.

Giving up blogging has become predominant since the end of 2022. Many bloggers switching to work somewhere by simply doing easy tasks.   

5 best plugins, serious ethnic young woman using laptop at home
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The passion to write and excel should always be there. The passion goes along with some great hard work. A BLOGGER also needs some tips like which 5 best plugins to upgrade to, or to purchase. No investment in anything would seldom bring anymore money.

Certainly, there are still some bloggers who invest nothing, but make good money. However, beginners need to understand where to invest and why? Henceforth, let’s know why beginners should pick these 5 best plugins to upgrade or purchase. The idea is to invest some money reasonably to make some more money by working hard. To EARN more, WORK more. 

If you work hard in any of your business, should you not think to invest? You would. This is so because you have to run the business successfully.                                     

The 5 Best Plugins To Upgrage (invest money)

  • 10Web Booster 
  • All in One SEO
  • Advanced Ads
  • Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
  • Jetpack pro includes Jetpack BoostJetpack CRM

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