What Congress will do to developed Telangana by KCR 

What Congress will do to developed Telangana by KCR 

KCR, the name is enough, who fought poverty, helped the poor, reduced corruption, and so on. The She-Teams set right, the police doing their diligent duty without taking any bribe. The developed Telangana’s future is to maintain and correct what all mistakes the govt did. But what Congress will do. Do people have any other option to not vote for BRS (formerly TRS)? 

It’s a fact that AIMIM supports BRS, but not BJP. Congress claims three sets of parties are together to be selfish. The three sets of political parties, who create sufferings of the people in India are BJP, BRS, and AIMIM. One can single out BJP for corruption and BJP’s spreading of hatred is well-known fact. So, why would BRS and AIMIM join hands with BJP? 

It’s also mistakenly understood that Congress and BJP have a role to play for 10 years each. 10 years you live and 10 years we live, which is not right. However, in Telangana, what Congress will do or a bit more for the people. KCR and KTR can easily accept their faults, willfully, and no wonder, you raise their faults, they’re ready to correct. 

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Since June 2014, KCR tried his best and created jobs, and he is the most satisfied Chief Minister with his own job for the state of Telangana.

Foreign investment is more in Telangana than any other state in India. Telangana is beautified and developed. So, what Congress will do? Ask yourself. 

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