How Jobseekers failing interviews just on the query tell me about yourself

How Jobseekers failing interviews just on the query tell me about yourself

There are many job sites in India, whose job is to connect jobseekers to the employers. The connection would be based upon 3 to 4 or in some cases 5 rounds of an interview. The problem is most talented jobseekers often fail the interview due to this query “tell me something about yourself”. So, how jobseekers failing interviews, is the must know information, which every experienced or fresher should note down. Let me cover this topic in short, to help you out from why, how and due to what, you did not pass an interview.

Joblessness is rising in leaps and bounds across India. Experienced candidates also losing jobs due to redundancy as many companies trying their best to reduce staff. Companies are interested on young candidates. An experienced candidate (a jobseeker) to maintain his expenses also becomes the victim of the query “tell me something about yourself”, during the interview process, in the beginning or at the final round. Employers already and cleverly know what a fresher would say. The body-language and the clear understanding of the questions to answer specifically counts a lot.

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No one would be satisfied with what they did during their interviews. But they’ll be happy and excited if they get selected. Most questions would be based upon the role or position, you would be seeking to work. Firstly, your resume would be analyzed and you would be asked based upon your resume. However, a simple query, “tell me about yourself”, if not answered rightly, you would fail in the interview. You won’t get your desired job!

How jobseekers failing interviews & the solution

Just be specific. If you’re experienced just start from few recent years in which you did your best. Freshers! don’t start from your childhood or college days. An example would be like: I’m a hardworking person and so I did my post graduation from Osmania University. I got good percentage of marks in few subjects. Immediately then I did some IT courses and so here I’m I to work full-time. Also for experienced candidates same lines by including last couple of work experiences. Simply, you need not take more than 3 to 4 minutes to tell about yourself.

Keep in your mind, what’s the best words you can use and say or answer accordingly by knowing the interviewer’s logic. How jobseekers failing interviews? That’s just by saying more and more about their life. Since your resume shouldn’t be more than 2 pages, your given time need to be informative and free from any hesitation. Interviewers won’t read lengthy resumes.

Just be relaxed and do your best. Crack it and keep working, once you get hired for sure.

In short, it’s good to make a habit to not get excited over anything. Just be happy as nobody cares even if you crack the interview, you need to maintain your job by maintaining your expenses.

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