How To Give Good To Someone From Whom You Take

How To Give Good To Someone From Whom You Take

You would be wondering oh! what if I need some more again (from whoever it might be)? The person who helps you time and again in all your affairs (matters or issues), won’t bother to take. A person preferring more and more respect from you if the person regards the help to you as a big favor, which is not his generosity, and neither he’s generous. So, how to give good to someone from whom you take help within or out of that person’s limitations? Here is what you would be learning something good in a short time.

The limitations are, helping you might be over-burdening, or the help to you might be tough. In this case too, that person tries the best to help you out whether financially or physically. The pleasure of giving or helping someone is within the heart and mind of every person.

So, what if you keep taking help, and you also like so much to help others but you could help just the less fortunate folks. But you didn’t realize how to give good to that fortunate person who always comes in your rescue, and owns everything and needs nothing from you. You would just be very thankful to that person and would like or want that person who helps you in any which way to be happy always.

Here it is: You need to do dua ( example: Praying for healthy and successful life in this world and hereafter). Dua is mentioned in the Quran at least 16 times, and in Arabic, dua means a prayer. Dua is a way of seeking help from the Almighty or by performing or offering 5 time prayers. That is it? No, in fact dua can be anything for you to ask for a person to whom you love or like the most and the person is in your heart, and mind, but the help to you from that person comes by the will of Almighty Allah.

So, nobody would help anyone without the will of Almighty Allah. This is what our Muslim readers want to know. Here it is. This is the way to know how to give good to someone from whom you take help in all your affairs, is by the way of dua. Make dua for yourself and for each and everyone. This is it.

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