Another Pakistan Big Fan In India Is

Another Pakistan Big Fan In India Is

People who hate Pakistan means they’re real Indians? No, not at all. This is so because “real King of cricket” YouTube channel’s analyst have gained some substantial subscribers. He’s now speaking everytime on Pakistan cricket and likes almost all Pakistan players. He’s Indian and he stays in India, not anti-national but as a patriot. He might say openly to everyone that he’s just another Pakistan big fan in cricket. That’s not the challenge. He likes Pakistan too. With his good use of Urdu and a bit of Hindi he creates on his own some useful videos.

His videos are not necessarily to speak on Pakistan’s positive outcome from their cricket matches. He agrees with what Pakistan people know and in return they appreciate him, and for some good analysis. By also showing Pakistan’s negatives, he has supposedly gained more Pakistani subscribers than subscribers from India.

Whatever might be the case, the YouTuber in his early stage have started earning some good money. Money won’t be just the reason behind all his analysis, but he prefers his opinions to be heard. To be watched.

As you know, Indians are too smart since they prioritize good visual-effects throughout the YouTube videos. This means some of the Indians who watch cricket analysis on YouTube prefer quality. This man knows he’s here to stay on YouTube as the time goes and his channel would reach to about a big figure in his subscribers’ list.

Pakistanis won’t mind which way the video is made, means the quality level, they notice what has been spoken. These all and the love of him for Pakistani cricketers pulls a certain percentage of Pakistanis to subscribe to “real King of cricket”.

Thus, real King of cricket is Bikram Pratap Singh and he’s yet another Pakistan big fan.

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