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Loving Poem for Siblings – Love is Passion since Childhood

Loving is nothing for us but Passion   We care each other in our vacation   Spending time together is awesome   As we grow older we remember all occasions   We play indoor and play at stations   Never work without being in groups   Our loving is bothering not of our looks   […]

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How Teachers Learn – An Epic Poem – Read for FREE

How Teachers learn when students have fun in learning   It needs so much for the Teachers to make students listening   There’s a lot for the Teachers to learn while teaching   It’s good to guide students on a straight path with meaning   Not much for the students to keep patience   They […]

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Poems Book as Poetry Speaks volumes for FREE to Read – Read it anytime

The “25 Elite Poems for Kids” is a blessing to the parents and the schools. The book of poetry for kids is elegant and is completely so unique and of today’s demands. Kids will love to read this book and should read it and memorize too. They’ll find the book as interesting as they’ll keep […]

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Bharat ki vaat lagaadi banke PM Jaahil – Hindi Solo

Bharat Ki Vaat Lagaadi Banke PM Jaahil 1 Zulm Karke Shor Machaye tu PM Kaatil 2 India gotten destroyed under PM uneducated 1 With the torture you shout being PM killer 2 Teri Duniya Ke Douray Khatm Na Kare Ghareebi 3 Kisaano Ki Maang Ko Lekar Na Kuch Kiya Kabeebhi 4 Your world tours never […]

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Worst enemy of you is from within you

Worst enemy of you is from within you Reasons are many for that’s within you Find it not as always it’s within you You need to worry that it resides within you It belongs to you and lives within you What you say by thinking from within you Come again and gain something from within […]

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Be with me dude – Latest English Lyric Content – Read for Free

Be with me Dude Don’t be so Rude Things go not Feud I’m gonna Dupe Let’s have some Soup You are so Cute There’s no Excuse So be with me Dude Don’t be so Rude Think from the Root What’s there to Loot Don’t make me Confuse Come to me with Clues So that I […]

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How to write poetry using simple English words for beginners

How to write poetry is so simple that, if you read this article, you’ll know about. However, a poet is a person, who dedicates his time not always to earn through his poetry. But for self motivation and satisfaction. He or she might be highly satisfied if they write good poetry using simple English. Poet’s […]

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Women in Business always perform better

Women in Business always perform better Women can make the businesses prosper Involving their look of things closely for the future They create certain rules that can matter No respite to their staff could be thereafter Continues the tasks they get to perform better Women in Business always perform better Managing for they want their […]

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In this World fortune favoring brave

In this World fortune favoring brave How can you think what can you make All the things you carry are on stake Be on worrying not what’s your mistake In this World fortune favoring brave Everything happens in between a break When you can’t imagine what to take Take all that makes you feel safe […]

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Flirting lady secretary days gone past for Bosses

Dating many at a time seems no good causes Flirting lady secretary days gone past for Bosses Speaking a lot in phrases and clauses Can turn you away from the losses Adorable secretaries are not found at workplaces Writing something for you to read in pauses Interrupting you from the word go in tosses Leveling […]

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A View to a Kill – Read Now – Enjoy Reading

A View to a Kill Enjoy the Thrill Takeaway your will Make the way to fill Senses gone for all still Think about the devil Who can change your will Be in all the best drizzle Rains are on like a drill For both of us there’s a will No need for you to battle […]

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To Behave always good maybe tough task to bother

To Behave always good maybe tough task to bother To take away the skills you possess maybe touch to gather Make things happen using the past is better Rise to the occasion when there’s a matter What’s there to keep away from the loss Everything seems to appear green in the grass Easy way is […]

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No Money to be happy for good cause

No Money to be happy for Good Cause What to eat and what not to for the loss It’s amazing to know the outcome of the toss No worry to be steady for the painful jaws No Money to be happy for Good Cause The ache is painful to be with me The truth is […]

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English Poem on Making Money to Enjoy Life

Making money to enjoy the way you want Looking funny to save money that you can’t Money brings joy to you for a long time Many things destroy the use of your crime No matter you want to earn But you need the ways to learn I can’t go the wrong way to earn money […]

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National Anthems played roles for unity as World Anthem needs attention as well

Well, the National Anthems over a couple of years played key roles in bringing up people united. United they stand when National Anthems played during any sports game and right before. In India at the theaters, you’ll listen National Anthem before a movie starts to play. All sports events also start with national anthems. In […]