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Lovers Take U Turn – Short Story – eBook – Read Now

Prologue (Lovers Take U Turn)

Yes, lovers take U turn and much more for loving each other in a thrilling way. Here, the business lovers come together and they’re already known to each other before starting restaurant business. In a triangle of three, there happens to be a genuine second lover, who finds his love when he was her classmate in an institute. However, the lady to whom he loves has been already engaged but later her fiancee dies. But the lovers continue with what they make happen.

Then, there are no more twists and turns in the story but the lead pair find things easy as their business grows. Some hurdles not in their business but in their affairs come to be noticed.

It’s a thrilling story and you’ll find it as simple as you read page by page and find out what’s next. Here, you cannot guess what will be the end of this story of the lovers. Even you cannot say anything in the next chapter that follows you with some new things happening now and then. So, it’s highly recommended that to read the romantic thrilling story step by step from the first page to the last one.

This book has characters and incidents that of the country New Zealand. However, it’s the love of New Zealand to the author, which made him to include this country in the book. Characters and incidents may or may not relate with what’s in New Zealand. My deep love to New Zealand being Indian is such that I used characters in the book of that of the Kiwis. I apologize if anything that pleases not to the people of New Zealand after reading this book.   

                                                                                      Khalid M Raza  

Chapter 1 (U Turn Not Yet)

Well, lovers can take U turn but how? Let’s know about the two leading characters, who manage to come closer, yet find their own ways. Susan is the most attractive and the most beautiful lady according to Tim, who loves her a lot. She could never find a person like Tim, who feels her deep from his heart. They at first meet at French and other global languages learning institute. They prefer learning French. So, they are one of those 100 students in the linguistic institute, who are from New Zealand. French learning might not be most popular in the Kiwis but they’re learning French for some reason.

Tim while learning French used to clear his doubts regarding anything he couldn’t understand. And was found the most talkative person. Learning French in a reputed institute is always fun for all the students. Every week, the institute arranges group discussions. It’s not surprising that these two Susan and Tim are seen speaking while the rest seems to be quite. Everyone couldn’t be at their best in the group discussions. So, Susan and Tim take the pride and learn French with fun. Susan, knows that Tim follows her and she takes advantage of his behavior towards her. It means that Susan is aware that Tim likes or adores her. Tim is single and Susan is engaged to a person, who lives in France. This will be known to Tim later, let’s wait and see what happens.

The Love

The time for Tim to celebrate comes and he throws a party for all the French classmates. Everyone attend the party and wish him happy birthday and Susan also expresses her good feelings. Tim takes Susan to a corner table in the party, where his birthday goes on involving the language learners. They both Susan and Tim talk a lot and she discloses about her personal life to Tim. She says that she is engaged with a man, who lives in France. This is disturbing to Tim, but it not at all bothers to Tim and he’s always happy to talk to her and have coffee with her. For time being he thinks his love can change the track of Susan sooner or later. Furthermore, he takes her to the movies and so on. 

The faculty again organizes the group discussion and this time Tim speaks and the rest also speak but not Susan. Faculty then leaves the class for a while as everyone start making the class noisy. All eyes on Susan and they talk to her as she looked sad. She then opens up smilingly and says her fiancée had scolded her on phone today. As soon as her classmates try to feel sympathetic with Susan, she says if one goes another will come. They say, “who will come in your life if your fiancée leaves you?”. To this, she points at Tim and says that she will marry him. Tim tries to ignore as if he heard nothing but was joyful from inside. Susan gets ..


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