How Lovers Lose Relations – eBook – Read an interesting story

How Lovers Lose Relations – eBook – Read an interesting story

“How Lovers Lose Relations”, is an eBook that reminds you of the early era of lovers. Moreover, it’s so interesting that once you start reading the book you’ll be in a position to be relaxed. Pleasure of reading can only be found in this eBook, which’s not a surprise but something you’ll definitely share. The thoughts and the characters in this eBook not only attractive but keep you focused. Let’s name the characters to begin with.

Lovers are Neighbors Not So Far

Dennis is the hero and his girlfriend is Stella and they both are from a good family background. But, Dennis is poor while Stella is from a rich family. Stella’s parents love their only daughter very much and because of their love to Stella, they fulfill whatever Stella wants.

Stella whenever asks for anything; she gets it in a moment or as soon as possible. Her parents are Ferguson and Ferry. Ferguson is her dad while Ferry is her mother.

Dennis also lives with his parents and they’re Tom and Johanna. Tom is Dennis’s father and Johanna is his mother. Well, Tom is a carpenter and Johanna is the housewife. The both lovers live nearby as in not so far neighborhood area. They live in East Ham and are proper UK citizens. Let’s know that how they meet and how their love starts to develop and much more.

Chapter 1 (eBook)

It’s hard times for Dennis as his father Tom falls sick and he was told his father is suffering from lung cancer. He hides his father’s worse health as he’s suffering from cancer to his mother and Tom also agrees to it. Tom stops working as a carpenter because of the dreadful disease, he’s affected with. He’s under treatment but only Dennis and Tom know about this and Tom’s wife is unaware. Thus, they try to live a normal life but in some pain as the cancer of Tom is in its third stage. The only son to Tom and Johanna, Dennis finds himself worried.

Stella also is the only daughter to Ferguson and Ferry. Stella studies in Sunderland University at Canary Wharf and she’s good in her studies. She’s doing her business management graduation and she’s just 19 years old. She’s is in her first year of BA (Hons) Business Management.

The course is of three years. Dennis also smokes and his father repeatedly tells him not to smoke and drink like him. He’s suffering from cancer because of smoking and drinking. So, Dennis quits smoking and drinking and starts working as cab driver.

His father is serious and mother Johanna is worried and she calls Dennis to come immediately to the hospital. In an hour, Dennis reaches the hospital and finds his father no more. He passes away and Johanna was shocked to know that Tom died because of cancer and she’s awestruck. However, Dennis makes his mother Johanna calm down and they do the formalities of the funeral of Tom.

Many of their neighbors attend and Stella and her family also seen. Stella could only see and couldn’t stop herself from staring at Dennis thoughtfully as Dennis was weeping profusely and no one knows about it and Stella comes near him.

Want To Know What Happens Next – Read This eBook On Amazon or Purchase it only for $1 (Just 1 dollar). Think and decide don’t be in Suspense.

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