Jemma’s World FREE to read book to know emotions of making friends

Jemma’s World FREE to read book to know emotions of making friends

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Chapter 1

“Poetry, will you be my friend?”, asked Jemma to herself stupidly because she thinks she is stupid as her school considers her a shocking dumb 10-year-old. They all get amused with her body language and prefer to be away from her. No one comes near to her because she couldn’t able to interact to all the smart kids in her school. She studies a few subjects of her 5th standard very well and she is an average good student of her school.

Jemma needs company and she wants to be one of those kids, who enjoy being together as good friends but she can’t help herself. Jemma’s world is all about trying to make friends if not at least one.  

Jemma never bothers about having her a friend of good character or not but she’s desperate to find anyone come her way. She will be the happiest kid for her own good to have friend or friends.

Every time when she’s alone as she always be, she thinks about making friendship. She can’t speak for about 10 seconds and so she’s bothered. Her classmates do see her as the most foolish character and she also knows that

Jemma’s World Not Over Yet.

One fine day, which’s not so fine for Jemma as she drops her school bag down while taking it off from her shoulders. School bag was a bit open and things from it also get scattered and fall on the floor. Every classmate not all of them watch that Jemma picking her items one by one. She picks two items and lets the other two fall down and this continues until everyone around her burst into laughter.

This makes no sense as she ends up being helped by one of her classmate and things get gathered into her school bag. She then even can’t say “thank you” to that child, who helped her and she keeps herself thinking nothing but in confusion. Thus, Jemma still can’t do much about such incidents that happen to her every other day. This time kids around her laughed a lot and from her inside, she’s happy because of her there’s some laughter. However, she can’t express her happiness and she looks depressed but she is always a selfless character.

Confused Jemma

In her room, she finds herself alone and her mom and dad call her to come for dinner. She comes out of her room leaving aside the toys and washes her hands to have dinner with her parents. Suddenly her uncle, whose name is Ben visits her home and joins all for dinner. He wants to talk to Jemma first but Jemma was lost in her own world. Ben often visits the Anderson family every month or so.

Mrs and Mr Anderson are Jemma’s parents and they’re though very talkative but their daughter can’t spell the word “talk” in front of anyone, though she knows the spelling of the word “talk”.

She thinks a lot while her parents and uncle are about to finish their food. “Delicious”, says Ben looking at Jemma and wants some more chicken pieces. Mrs. Anderson picks the pieces of chicken and puts in the plate of Ben, who’s her brother.

So, now you know Ben is the maternal uncle of Jemma. However, Jemma finishes off her dinner too and looks for something that she knows.

Jemma looks down and looks at her hands and then towards the kitchen and to the three faces of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Ben. She’s confused again.

Jemma’s Hesitation

Her mom tells her “Jemma! Go and wash your hands darling”. Alas! She realizes now that she was looking to wash her hands and she couldn’t able to do so, how silly?

She was in standing position and goes towards her room but her mom follows her and scolds, “first wash your hands Jem”. Again, she was unable to find where she needs to wash her hands in her own home. This is too much and kindly her uncle Ben says “Jemma let me wash your hands right here”.

The sink is not too far from the dining table and is all brown in color like the sofa of their living room. Jemma feels relaxed and asks in low voice, “Uncle water”. Ben brings water from the refrigerator to her and she drinks as if she’s been thirsty since a week.

Ben knows that Jemma has some problem and understands her better than her parents. He leaves all the three and with a hug to Jemma, he says, “good bye to all”.

Both mother and father of Jemma relaxes for a while and enters their bedroom while Jemma sleeps with her toys in her small bedroom.


It’s midnight and Jemma is awake as she hears some sounds from outside the road, where her neighbor’s dog was continuously barking. She is afraid and is sweating and feels someone going to eat her up. She spends the whole night in her room as if she watched an adult horror movie and feels so much fearful. Yet, in the early morning her mother wakes her up while she wasn’t asleep and makes her wear the school uniform and drops her to the school.

In the school, and in her class, she frequently keeps yawning and that’s too much for the teachers. One of the teacher sends Jemma to wash her face and comeback soon. But again, it’s almost an hour passes by and the teacher waits for Jemma’s return. Angry over Jemma, the teacher walks out of the class and she finds Jemma lying down and was found sleeping in the corridor.

Sleepy Jemma

Teacher then puts some water on the face of Jemma and sends her back to the class. The teacher’s session was over during that time and she warns Jemma not to sleep again in another teacher’s class and she with strict harsh words directly over Jemma’s behavior, moves to another class.

Jemma sneezes in a high pitch and everyone in the class starts laughing. Knowing this she gets at least pleased with her sneeze that made the class to laugh. So, she repeats again and every couple of minutes, she makes a sound as that of a loud sneeze and feels better while the teacher gets angry as it disturbs the class and the students keep on laughing. “Are you a joker of the class Jemma?”, the teacher says to Jemma and the little girl could only understand that today is her best day.

School Work

Back to home from school, Jemma finds her home work in her diary and a punishment was also written in her school diary. And it’s that she needs to write thousand times the sentence, “I will not make noise”. Next day after completing the home work and writing thousand times “I will not make noise”, she finds her teacher pleased with her. 

Christmas is not far away and yet the day is Sunday, which Jemma hates a lot. She sits in backyard thinking while keeping her lips tight along with showing her two tiny teeth and in a lost Jemma’s world. This expression of her hated most by her father and he finds her and looking at her, he scolds the little girl, “don’t be so stupid and look like an idiot Jemma”.

After saying this he walks away to his friend’s home. Jemma can’t stop herself from thinking what she can’t even think about. She feels she is the one, who’s the cursed human being on earth and waters the plants there to feel a bit peaceful.

All the trouble in her life to her is because of her low profile and poor communication skill.

Some More

So, Jemma thinks she can do something special to impress others. Others include her parents and relatives and classmates. She doesn’t have any friend at all though she’s 10-year-old.

Jemma starts reading a book and in it she finds all the characters are very joyous and wants to get inside the book. She wonders, how they keep on delivering dialogues and lots of chatting while the story is so interesting that she wants to write something similar to what she read in the book. To begin with, and as she’s fond of poetry, she pens down a poem and keeps it with her.

And when her uncle Ben visits her home, she wants to show her poem that she wrote to him. Lots of hesitation in her mind goes on and Uncle Ben asks her, “What’s up little lady?”. She feels shy and her shyness kills her to speak and she wants to say that she wrote a poem and ends up in saying that she likes ice cream. Soon her uncle starts to move in a speed and both Mrs and Mr Anderson try to stop him but he says wait for a while and he comes back with ice cream cone for Jemma.

Jemma Scolded

Jemma’s parents get angry over her because of what she told her uncle as he’s the guest. “Can’t you tell me to get the ice cream for you Jemma?”, shouts Mr. Anderson and Jemma was left puzzled.

Whatever happens, happens for good as she eats the cold ice cream cone and enjoys it. However, she feels guilty that she troubled uncle Ben and he’s their guest.

Things are totally not in control of Jemma as her uncle Ben leaves, she looks at the poem, written by her in her diary and reads it again in her room:

I want to fly

Like Butterfly

Never will I cry

Will be not shy

So, look at the Sky

And say why

To make a try

For what so high

Making me apply

For more supply

To my good eye

She reads it again and keeps the poem with her in her secret box in which there’s a diary which she maintains writing about each day that passes by and about what she lost and what she gained. It’s like she has gained nothing and she’s trying hard to come out of the shell and wants to breath fresh.

Always Fond of Friends

Nothing can make her happier than a friend as she’s fond of friends that she’s deprived of. Deprived of having a friend; good or bad she wonders to have at least one but she doesn’t have even a half of a friend since she started going school. 

In her neighborhood area, there are plenty of children but they used to tease Jemma, calling her dead rock. She also wonders why she’s called a dead rock when she thinks that rocks can be rocking. Her dream is to rock one day but she unfortunately teased by her neighbors as dead rock.

She thinks that It’s better to be dead than alive like a dumb idiot.

She’s talented but she can’t express what she can do. Had she gotten enough encouragement she could have become the youngest writer or a poet, which’s not her dream. Her dream is to mingle with people and have enough friends and that’s her biggest problem that she can’t find at least one friend.

Jemma’s worry never bothers her parents, they keep her to be all alone and they think she’s happy being within herself. But, she feels good if some guests come her home even though she remains silent, she enjoys to see guests. She might not open her mouth but there’s always an intent from her to speak.

Indoor Story

Jemma’s room is painted with orange and pink color, which’s not her choice. She keeps her room tidy to feel better. There’s an art work board hanging on the wall, which depicts a forest in which two lion cubs playing together and she keeps staring at that whenever she found lying on the bed she’s glued to the art work painting.

Thinks a lot about the little lions and being the only daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, she feels lonely. She gets lost in her own world and couldn’t listen or understand what others are speaking even in front of her and very close to her.

When something told to her twice or thrice then she understands what’s been told. Jemma is beautiful with fair color and dark brown eye balls and her brown hair are curly. She feels that her height is not as she expected it to be because 90% of her classmates are taller than her.

More About Jemma

Whenever she used to see the mirror while standing, she gets bothered about her height. People used to tell her that she is still too young and have to go a long way such that her height will increase as long as she is not over 16.

Jemma’s age is just about 10 years but she thinks too much like an adult and prefers to be ready to say something but people can’t hear her because she fails in speaking to them and she hesitates a lot.

Finally, she says some irrelevant words that keep others mock at her and she then gets hurt.

Jemma takes this as a challenge and tries to be in her neighbors group, who tease her a lot.

She then returns home and sits at her bed in her room for more than couple of hours feeling hurt. Sadness in her is like a shadow that is always with her.

She continues to fall prey to her neighbors and get hurt on regular basis.

Jemma’s Inside Story

There’s celebration and a party inclusive of Anderson family, their relatives and friends. This is hurting for Jemma as she suffers a lot during any party or celebration, where everybody enjoys and she couldn’t. However, she attends the party along with her parents.

Jemma’s walk is all around in the party all alone while everyone looks busy with having fun. As she looks down in the vacant area she finds gold necklace and picks it up and about to give it to someone of the elders but other kids surround her and try to snatch the necklace from her. These kids wanted to announce of the necklace to whom it belongs and thereby have fun in handing it over to the necklace owner.

But Jemma holds the necklace tight and walks up the staircase and quietly comes near to her uncle Ben.

Kids follow her and they keep shouting at her calling her with stupid hate words. Ben, her uncle knows that Jemma is calm over what’s the kids making nuisance about and he scolds all the kids and listens to Jemma as what she about to say.

More Inside Story

Firstly, she couldn’t speak but she hands over the gold necklace to Ben and says she found it somewhere fallen down. Ben takes it and finds the owner of the necklace, a beautiful young lady Susan, who appears as so much thankful to Ben for her necklace that she lost, which returned back to her.

Then, Ben says “young lady it’s not me who found the necklace but it’s Jemma, who should take the credit. The vivacious lady Susan hugs Jemma and picks out some chocolates from her purse and gives to Jemma.

Lost & Found

Jemma refuses the chocolates and says that she doesn’t like chocolates. Surprised at this Susan gets a bit confused and starts to talk to Jemma and asks her several questions but Jemma couldn’t answer or communicate and for every question she only nods her head and smiles and with shyness she also giggles.

Chapter 2

School class teacher gets a surprise as she finds Jemma studying well and her test papers got corrected and she gets good score in all subjects.

The teacher then announces in the class that Jemma is the topper and the little girl is delighted while nobody comes near her to congratulate her.

So, she wants to show her report card to her parents. Jemma’s parents say, “well done Jem, it’s nice, keep it up”. That’s it. And they all are busy now to get ready for another party they need to attend.

Jemma always feel bad if any party been thrown at the Anderson family. She belongs to her parents, the Andersons and she’s Jemma Anderson but she often ignored by her parents when she wants to spend good time with them.

They both mom and dad of Jemma always when at home talk to each other and relax at home while both of them try to be busy.

However, Mrs. Anderson is housewife and is not so busy, yet she finds not much time to spend with Jemma.

Jemma’s Parents Relax

Mr. Anderson as usual comes back home from his job and wants to relax a lot than anybody could do. He finds his wife as his good company because they have good understanding.

Well, in the party everybody seems to have good time while Jemma takes a seat not so far but enough away from all the guests to be unnoticed. So, she sits there and tries to pass her time being alone. She thinks but cannot even think properly as she’s silent and keeps waiting for the party to get over.

Busy but difficult Life

Jemma wants to go home as early as possible and write something that’s about what she has done today. Her parents are busy in the party with other guests but Ben finds her. He comes from behind and shakes Jemma to frighten her jokingly but Jemma quietly says “hi Ben uncle”, and Ben hugs her. He then takes her towards her parents and says “your daughter is very brave”, they say, “yes she is brave”.

Party finishes and the Andersons in the car drive towards their home while Jemma is quite, both Mrs. and Mr. Anderson chat a lot and reach home. Mrs. Anderson is Mrs. Jennifer Anderson, and very few people call her Jennifer.

Remembering the food items, they had at the party both Andersons feel relaxed to say to each other that they liked all food items, especially those made of chicken.

& More

Jemma tries to sleep thinking about Nov 11th, the day when she was born. It’s not so far and a couple of days away. She thinks that she’s going to be 11-year-old and still not so tall. In fact, a bit shorter is her height than her classmates.

Jemma stands in front of the mirror in her room and observes herself keenly while all things are arranged nicely in her room, it’s tidy enough. She feels she’s short girl and this keeps her in trouble for an hour. Finally, she gets sleep and wakes up early in the morning and its Sunday again.

Sunday Again For Jemma

Sunday is so boring day for the little girl that she finds herself in deep trouble. Yet, she does one thing for sure. And that’s the use of a pen by her to write something meaningful in her diary. She knows, nobody will appreciate her writing work though her uncle Ben is so close to her and then she never reveals what she writes or does any art work to anyone.

The day, which belongs to her, comes back again and on this day, Nov 11, she becomes 11-year-old. Parents as usual invite Ben and do a small quite celebration and the cake gets cut by Jemma and all four have it and celebration comes to end abruptly leaving Jemma alone again. She has to sleep early, and that’s in the mind of her parents because Jemma needs to attend school the next day and distribute chocolates to her classmates.

Scary Jemma with her classmates and from inside feeling shy and outside fearful and anxious.

However, she distributes the chocolates and it’s called by her classmates as the black day but then she makes a herculean effort to complete the task of distributing the chocolates to all.

Birthday woes

Sigh of relief now and nothing in return she gets. Nobody says her “happy birthday”, and her teacher is just watching her.

Teacher watches her keenly and she gets not a chocolate from Jemma because Jemma forgets to give her teacher any chocolate and sweaty Jemma now sits on her seat.

Jemma is front seater and always sits on the front seat. She prefers to talk to those seated beside her but can’t as they ignore her and whole class not bothered about her good behavior but they tease her on her body language, which is like a chicken.

So, they call her chicken and tease her a lot with their usual laughter and make fun of her.

Jemma’s classmates describe her as a chicken, who can’t speak and keeps standing on two legs. This is because Jemma, in every moment stands up for a while all of a sudden without any intention but it comes out to her without any reason and that’s her behavior upon which she gets scolded by the teachers and teased by the classmates. 

Jemma’s Reason to Live, Making Others Laugh

She believes that she can do something special one day and get for her some fame. That’s the reason she feels nice that after all her classmates laugh at her for a reason. And that reason is her behavior, which is not naughty but something unusual.

Jemma has built in lot of patience in her and is always fond of making a friend or two, with whom she can be happy. She doesn’t care about the inability of her to talk but once someone makes friendship with her, she knows she can open up and speak and talk a lot.

Initially, it’s the kick that she needs to have someone in her life to be her friend. She can feel how all kids are fine having multiple friends and they enjoy a lot being together. But, she’s in tough situation to make a friend at least, that nobody understands.

The school of Jemma is located at Upton Park in London and her parent’s birthplace is Eastham. They are from UK and are citizens of the country and they never moved anywhere, once they shifted to Upton Park from Eastham.

Jemma’s Parents

Meanwhile, let’s know more about Jemma’s parents. Both Mr. Anderson and Miss Jennifer were neighbors in Eastham and they used to look at each other. Later, Mr. Anderson proposed Miss Jennifer and she accepted him and they got married. They were happy for a year after marriage as they promised to themselves for not having any kids or children and live their life free of responsibilities.

After four years of their marriage, Jennifer becomes pregnant and wanted to opt for abortion but doctors didn’t do that according to the guidelines of medical science. Hence, the baby had to be delivered and they named the baby as Jemma Anderson.

Jennifer had lost the job that she was doing in order to take care of Jemma. She wanted to be the working woman for a lifetime. She loves to do job and so Anderson. But, she thinks she had sacrificed her job because of Jemma. And so she is least bothered about her only child and so Anderson too.

Jemma is beautiful and so cute that anybody would love to hug her as soon as they see her. But her parents won’t understand that they got a lovely gift in their life as Jemma. However, whatever care they take of Jemma, they’re satisfied with their parental life.   

There’s a lot of confusion to Jemma, whether to go her school or just quit going school. Next day, she feels that she won’t go to school. But, her mother wakes her up and gets her ready for school and she has to attend her school on time.

Jemma’s World Gears up

Days passes by and Jemma completes her 6th standard as well and she is in her 7th standard.

Whatever time in the night, she sleeps, she has to get up early in the morning for school. Jemma doesn’t like to go school because she has no friends in her school. Moreover, everyone there tease her a lot. But, parents prefer her to study and do good things in life. She always ready for doing good and was blamed for sleeping late in the nights. Well, she knows that she cannot make friendship, which is not in her hand.

Chapter 3

Friends or no friends, Jemma takes life as her own fault of living alone.

Jemma wants to live her life for the sake of completing her life’s journey. Little girl lost in her own world and her desires and ambitions are not her cup of tea to keep within her heart to do what she wants to enjoy with. She becomes a victim of depression and this disease makes her to suffer a lot but never noticed by her surrounding people.

She finds trouble in speaking even a word or ask even a word of question to anyone. It’s her life that takes new direction as she spends time being within herself. However, she tells her story to her father Anderson but he believes that maybe, she’s in panic of studies and that’s her problem, which she should solve. Jemma’s depression concerns not her parents and not to anybody.

She’s depressed and depression increases and she finds no one to help her to relax. She sits somewhere in the dark area and keeps sitting there every day and for hours. Her depressed behavior goes unnoticed and she gets affected with severe headache. 

So, at 5’ O’clock in the morning, she opens the door of her home and walks out. As soon as she reaches Stratford from Upton Park, her headache subsides and she was depressed to know what she doesn’t know about her mental status. In confusion, she sits in the DLR train and off she reaches Canary Wharf.

Lost is no Loss As Jemma’s World Continues

Parents at 10 O’clock, register a complaint about her missing child Jemma Anderson. Police finds Jemma and she’s boiling hot with fever. The police take her for treatment and her fever gets treated but her total health check-up needs to be done.

Both Anderson and Jennifer takes a sigh of relief that her daughter is safe and is under treatment.

Depression vanishes and she becomes hyperactive and speaks a lot boldly. She makes friends and becomes the most talkative person and also studies well.

But, she is under medication. However, people find Jemma as interesting 12-year-old that they cannot believe the use of words by her in her talks.

She feels energetic and lives happily and then considered as one of the most intelligent teenager as she enters her 13 years of age.

It looks as if the dream come true for Jemma, she’s the happiest girl now. Treatment of her depression reveals that she was suffering from depression since a long time and the reports indicate that she got hit with depression when she was just 6-year-old. However, now she’s blessed with all the joy she wanted to have with her and she spreads happiness and lives her life not in her own world.

Jemma’s Achievement

Jemma’s world is now for all and she becomes a famous doctor a few years later and keeps enjoying her life. She becomes a neuro surgeon and earns a lot and she’s been followed by most of the people and her parents are proud of her. The change was inevitable and Jemma discovers her as the most creative professional and being a neuro surgeon, she’s blessed with all goodness and with many admirers of her.

Her well-wishers keep on increasing and then she has to marry someone. Thus, her parents and her uncle Ben and other relatives and friends attend her marriage function. The lucky man in her life is Dean John and he’s also a doctor but an Anesthesia. Finally, Jemma lives her life as the most lovable and cheerful person.

She’s the best everyone could say and her hubby Dean also loves her a lot. Her mission is not over yet because now she has plenty of friends but she has not much time for her friends as she finds a good company of her hubby and her parents and relatives of Dean.

She spends her free time with her dear ones, whether her friends or her hubby or her parents, she’s now a happy lady.

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