Since long time I never met her – Sad Solo Song for FREE – Grab it now

Since long time I never met her – Sad Solo Song for FREE – Grab it now

Since long time I never met her 

But I don’t want to be unfair to her

I know her, I Know her that she’s Away, Away, and Away 

Lot’s of thoughts keeping me worried  

My dreams no more & my soul buried  

I’m no more available in this World  

But I think too much about this World 

For I lived an amazing little life  

I’m weeping in the Grave  

I wanna her to be Brave  

I wanna her not to miss me  

Just let her to kiss me  

I’ve her memories with me  

She was happy when she was with me  

There’s no one to help her again  

She knew me more when I was alive  

I want her to know me more as her right 

I’m guilty for I had hidden some facts with her  

She never knows that I’m dead and still loves her 

She only knows I’m Away, Away, and Away 

Since long time I never met her

Since long time from her life 

And Since long time from her sight  

I’m Away, Away, and Away… 

Since long time seems awestruck lyrics and supposed to be listened from a man no more in this World. He wants to make her aware that he’s dead. But, he’s helpless as he can only see her miss him a lot. There’s no connection and she’s waiting for him. But, for how long? She’s afraid to find whereabouts of her lover that she keeps waiting for him. Well, he died in fire mishap and his details not furnished to keep her know that he’s no more. So, she waits for him but he wants her to know that he’s dead. And so on.

Khalid M Raza


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