Short run hits Preity Zinta as Tech not used over Punjab losing to Delhi

Short run hits Preity Zinta as Tech not used over Punjab losing to Delhi

“I travelled enthusiastically during a pandemic. Did 6 days of quarantine & 5 COVID tests with a smile. But that one short run hit me hard. What’s the point of technology, if it cannot be used? It’s time BCCI introduces new rules. This cannot happen every year”. Lamented Preity Zinta after Punjab lost to Delhi. The controversial short run hits Preity Zinta just too hard. It wasn’t a short run as TV replays indicated.

Punjab is KXIP (Kings XI Punjab) and Delhi changed their name from Delhi Daredevils to Delhi Capitals, a couple of years back. However, Mayank Agrawal played a heroic knock.

He batted as a match winner but a silly mistake at the death, rewrote history in favor of Delhi. Delhi deserved to win and they won despite dropping few easy catches. Mayank Agrawal took the match away from Delhi and Preity Zinta was smiling until he got himself out. She, then accused the umpire for the short run, which she thinks changed the course of the match in favor of Delhi.

However, there was still a good chance for Punjab to comeback in the super over. The weakness of Punjab exposed as the two, KL Rahul and Nicholas Pooran sent to bat in the eliminator (Super over). Punjab managed to score only 2 runs.

Player of the match changed from Mayank Agrawal to Marcus Stoinis just with a poor short selection. Mayank chose the full toss to play a glorious shot for the winning run. Punjab by then just needed 1 run to win. But he was caught and not so far from the boundary. Hetmyer held an easy catch off the bowling of player of the match Stoinis. Stoinis scored 53 off just 21 balls at a strike rate of over 250. And took two crucial wickets.

Short Run hits Preity Zinta to lose her Sleep

The story of the match was so thrilling that Delhi deserved a victory and Punjab coming from behind did a great fightback until Agrawal faltered at the end. He could have just taken single and that could have been his best performance. However, the controversial short run hits Preity Zinta as she spent a sleepless night.

Later, Preity said: “I’ve always believed in being graceful in a win or loss & in the spirit of the game but it’s also important to ask for policy changes that improve the game in the future for everyone. The past has happened and it’s imp to move on. So Looking ahead & being positive as always”. Finally, Preity concluded her madness over the IPL match between Punjab & Delhi, where her team marginally lost. Read More…


Delhi 157/8

Punjab 157/8

Match tied &: Delhi won the eliminator (Super Over) in which Punjab scored 2 runs and Delhi surpassed it easily.

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