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Islam Still Practiced Differently Across Different Parts Of India

Islam Still Practiced Differently Across Different Parts Of India

Islam Still Practiced Differently Across Different Parts Of India 

Almost in every other area across India, Islam still practiced differently. The reason is basics not followed. And people jump for earning more money than authentic teachings of their religion. 

In rural areas, Muslims keep beard and also in urban areas too. But, some of them  misguide & do bad even after keeping beards. Many Muslims find their relatives practicing Islam differently than them in India. It’s not possible to accept the truth for some, but the fact is all  the Muslims believe in One God. And this is what everyone needs to for unity. 

About Islam

Islam recommends five principles to be followed in order to become a good Muslim. Instead of following these 5 pillars according to Islam, Muslims do innovate, which is highly prohibited 🚫. Islam teaches peace and Muslims know this around the world, as Islam spread across the world 🌎 because of the peaceful message. 

Five pillars with excuses… 

  1. Believe in 1 God (No excuses, otherwise the sin of associating partners to Allah is not forgivable) 
  2. Pray 5 Times (Exceptions for women during menstruation. And in journeys, where a Muslim is allowed to pray shortened prayers. Severe continuous pain, forgetfulness, etc., where Muslims need to offer their prayers later after they realise that they missed 2-3 prayers. And Allah is most merciful). 
  3. Ramadan fasting (Excuses: A patient, who is suffering from an illness when doctors won’t allow him or her to keep fasts. And there’s no fasting applicable for menstruating women). 
  4. Zakat ( Excuses: Muslims with sufficient income must give zakat, which is mandatory. Muslims, whose income is hand to mouth and do not posses gold are exempted from giving zakat. But, they can give charity or alms to the people of any religion). 
  5. Hajj (Excuse is only for those, who can’t afford the expenses of performing hajj. Muslims need to payoff their loans before performing hajj. Otherwise their hajj will be invalid). 

There are good and bad Muslims everywhere.

Islam Still Practiced Differently

Divorce in Islam is most hateful legal act to Allah. It’s allowed only when a couple couldn’t manage to live peacefully. Here comes, in the minds of some people what is then; triple talaq? Triple talaq is nothing. It’s something that a man can’t do angrily. There are certain rules to be followed before divorcing the lady like taking care of her expenses. And so on.

Why Know Fake Content, SEEK AUTHENTICITY

Few Websites and Few YouTube channels speak false whenever they want to insult Islam, because they don’t like the growth of Islam. They highlight some features in Islam as if this and this is inhumane. Remember, “Every innocent life saved is like entire humanity saved”, this is according to Islam and it’s written in the Glorious Quran. 

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The chapter Toubah in Quran has been misunderstood. It begins not with Bismillah (in the name of Allah). That was the time when believers were told as a warning. 

Innocents Are Innocents, Correcting Them Is Good, Right?

Muslims in different areas for example in urban or any rural areas, they practice Islam differently. This is so because they never learn from the authentic hadiths and the Glorious Quran. They believe what their parents and grand parents believe in. When it comes to following religion don’t just blindly follow what your parents used to follow. But it’s good to do whatever work, your parents want you to do. Also think sensibly and learn from authentic sources. 

Islam still practiced differently in different places across India. Correcting your own friends and relatives required rather than abusing other religions. Islam teaches to feed good food even to the enemies of Islam. For example, it was asked to Allah long back, “My Lord he wants food and he’s from the enemies of Islam”. Allah SWT responded: “Didn’t you know that how I’m feeding him ever since he was born”. So, then he was given food and Allah was pleased. Remember, Allah SWT is so merciful that he also provides wealth and comfort to those, who use bad words against Allah and are still disbelievers.


Certain punishments not given to the people in this world. And Allah loves those, who believe and those, who do good deeds. Also life after death is different and endless. And everyone will be given life after death on the judgement day. “Don’t you believe how you were created? If so why can’t you believe that you can’t be recreated again? Creation of a person is as easy as recreating him or her. Upon recreation is what disbelievers say, “how can we be created again”. Allah created you and He will give life to you again (Recreation). It’s simple.

Allah is Omnipotent. Allah is Most Merciful. The owner of the World and the Hereafter. The Creator. He loves you much more than your mother. He’s most powerful. Allah has created so much for you in this world. But, the worldly life is like a drop against oceans when compared to the life of the hereafter. Life of the hereafter is unending. You live in this world for a while. Try to understand what Islamic teachings are. Else, you’ll be among the wrongdoers.  

Why Islam Still Practiced Differently in India

The lifestyle is still not surprising to know that people from different religions like each other. And are friendly, though their beliefs are totally different. Islam teaches Muslims to respect people of other religions and be good to them. And this good behavior of some Muslims brought many non Muslims to open their eyes and find what they think unbelievable.

Cursing Muslims is easy and ignoring the killings of Muslims is easy. One thing is for sure that Islam still practiced differently. So, one who cares for innocent, raises his voice against oppression. Good Muslims want peace and are always against killing of innocents. 

There are many sects in Islam, but one and only way of following the teachings of Islam is the best. But, Muslims made things complicated, because they made divisions with their own innovations. 

There’s, however the govt laws in every country through which criminals are punished. Innocents are innocents whether they follow Islam righteously or not. Again, it’s nothing worse than to ignore that Islam still practiced differently across different parts of India. 

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