Indonesia Controls COVID In 2021 After Hit Too Hard

Indonesia Controls COVID In 2021 After Hit Too Hard

India is still fighting after the setback of second wave while Indonesia controls COVID in 2021 after hit too hard. Indonesians are aware of what best they need to do. However, between June to August 2021, Indonesia was hit too hard when COVID crises looked uncontrollable. Various awareness campaigns started in Indonesia and older people too were convinced to get vaccinated.

As 2021 about to go away Covid-19 and its variants would be fought in a better way throughout the World. Vaccinated people need not worry. The virus cases going down because people are aware that vaccinations do help. Firstly, China did too good to fight against the deadly virus. Many countries like Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and a few others including Pakistan also did well. New Zealand did the best with lockdowns and did too good.

India is scoring around 30,000 to 32,000 daily positive COVID cases. The death rate is not worrying because there’s the best treatment always available in India. Vaccination drive in India wasn’t so pleasing. More than 50% of population in India not yet vaccinated. The virus is still there around the World. Precautions need to be taken even after vaccinations. It looks good when nations like New Zealand were too much vigilant. Prime Minister Jascinda Arden did so good that they’ve less than a dozen positive cases on a daily or weekly basis.

Another good a country with lack of awareness of COVID jumped up from the bottom towards not major scary situation. Yes, Indonesia controls COVID in 2021 after hit too hard.

Indonesians are aware of what best they need to do. They’re doing their best. A third wave or fourth wave is unlikely in any part of the world. If you want to know more.

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