Umar Riaz eviction likely to hit BIGG BOSS season 16 viewership too

Umar Riaz eviction likely to hit BIGG BOSS season 16 viewership too

Contestant Umar Riaz wanted to do something in Show-biz, but failed in BIGG BOSS season 15. He’s though looking forward to go with his profession as surgeon and ignore what happened to him. But many of BIGG BOSS viewers wanted him to win the BIGG BOSS season 15 trophy to make-happen his dream come true. However, Umar Riaz eviction in this season likely to hit BIGG BOSS season 16 and few more to come. The reality-show went down so much that millions of viewers stopped watching BIGG BOSS 15 because of Umar Riaz. It’s clear now to the extent that BIGG-BOSS lost almost 70% viewers and Umar Riaz eviction likely to hit BIGG BOSS next seasons too.

Currently TRP dropped too much and the reality show flopped. The T20 world cup affected season 15 a bit, but it was learned that the “reality show” started to pickup after the world cup. But a few weeks back Umar Riaz eviction made BIGG BOSS season 15 a flop. This change likely to hit BIGG BOSS season 16 and few more to come.

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Even one of the previous winner of the BIGG BOSS trophy, Gauhar Khan tweeted couple of weeks back to the #UmarArmy that Umar was aggressive. Almost all the followers of Gauhar Khan differed with her claims. They said at that time she was not “correct” and what she said was totally wrong. Gauhar Khan not abused though because of the honesty in support to Umar Riaz. All the fans wanted fair reality show, which turned out as a “fixed show”. A flop BIGG BOSS season 15 likely also to make show producers realize blunders.

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How TRP dropped since recent few BIGG BOSS seasons

The TRP rating progressed from 3.5 in the BIGG BOSS season 10 to 6.9 (very high) in the season 11. Salman Khan continues to run the show as just another anchor. He’s not responsible for the reality to show to suffer. He’s doing what he needs to.

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However, the BIGG BOSS season 13 was most popular because of no other issues like IPL or anything coming in the way of season 13. The TRP was just too high at that time in BIGG BOSS season 13. BIGG BOSS current season, which’s season 15 started off with not so good TRP. The reason was T20 world cup. But after the T20 world cup, the TRP increased. However, it’s assumed that Umar Riaz eviction likely to hit BIGG BOSS season 16 too. The TRP in current season 15 was 1.5 and then after evicting Umar Riaz, BIGG BOSS lost too many viewers. Current TRP for BIGG BOSS season 15 is 0.8, which makes the reality show a flop. Next season likely to be a flop again.

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