Genocide watch calls UN Secretary General to warn India

Genocide watch calls UN Secretary General to warn India

Genocide Watch calls the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres and the United Nations Special Advisor, Mr. Leonardo Garnier. The reason behind that call by the genocide watch was to prevent Genocide. However, the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights, and key United Nations member states warned India.

Earlier, Bengali Muslims suffered a lot in Assam, India. Many of them lived their entire lives in Assam state, India. But India started since then to go in wrong direction.

Stripping of citizenships of the Muslims in Assam continued to trouble millions of Muslim citizens of India. There were no confirmed facts to call out the Muslims living in Assam as non citizens of India. The idea was to put one Muslim as “doubtful” among a couple of other Muslim names going through the process of CAA or NRC.

The BJP govt under the leadership of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister was moving rapidly to make a way, to spoil the future of Muslims in India starting from Assam.

However, Muslims started protesting in several states including Delhi. The Shaheen Bagh protest was the highlight of all the protests across India against the then NRC. Meanwhile, all the protests didn’t mattered the BJP at all, and the BJP govt created riots in Delhi.

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BJP members & supporters of BJP means business

Firstly, Indian Muslims are the integral part of India and are well-known citizens. On the other hand, although some false claims about Moghuls and a lot of changes made in the history books, would not put Indian Muslims in trouble. But the hate speeches, false current affair reports and fake posts created everyday to just blame Muslims; always will be the primary goal of the BJP govt to stay in power.

An example many fake posts so far

Tablighi Jamat was proved innocent. But you can still find the misinformation. In the text book of microbiology it was written that Tablighi Jamat spread Coronavirus.

However, all the Jamat people were tested and were found negative to Coronavirus or Covid-19. What’s more disappointing is that they were projected as angry criminals.

It’s like govt says 30% of Coronavirus spread by Tablighi Jamat, credit to godi-media television channels. What a fake Television factory this govt runs?

Moreover, they were blamed for throwing food, which was given to them in Hospitals. Also that they abused female nurses, all these proved as false claims by few other news portals, but many were told to spread fake news over this group by the BJP govt.

Shockingly, the “IT cell” of BJP govt works always to create hatred against Muslims in the minds of the majority. These brainwashed workers get paid to spread hatred.

Why Genocide watch calls Muslims attacked

Muslims are attacked in India with respect to their religion or by using any prefix to “Jihad” to attract the supporters of BJP govt. In return, the BJP gains lot of praise from the blind followers, who won’t care even if India falls behind just too much in the hunger index or remains at the bottom of happy countries.

In the year 2020, Muslims were attacked in large numbers in Delhi. The police ignored the calls made by the suffering Muslims. Several thousand calls were ignored. The Muslims responded in many ways to defend the attacks by ignoring the killings of their family members.

Later, the BJP govt criticized and created fake reports, claiming Muslims attacked Delhi Hindus. This was too good an issue and a good move for BJP to win elections again. It was told during the state elections, all false. Moreover, Muslim citizens of India were falsely linked to spoil the visit of the former U.S. President Donald Trump.

It’s not clear that how India got the warning. However, BJP would always look to highlight Muslims in India not as citizens, but criminals of all kinds. The game goes on this way to win voters and stay in power.

Since decades and more since BJP govt, which returned in 2014, Muslims have to bear a lot to prove whether they support India or Pakistan. The common sense question is why would Muslim citizens of India won’t like their own country and support other countries?


The Genocide watch criticizes the BJP govt because thousands of BJP agents want each Muslim to prove that they are Indian and not an “illegal migrant.” The battle of keeping full faith in justice continues for Muslims in India. Truth and honesty would be the winner against evil or false. This way Indian Muslims keep patience.

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