What India Achieved Since 2014 Do You Know

What India Achieved Since 2014 Do You Know

You would say what happened since 2014 and since 4-5 decades, “equally least bothering”. However, it’s you as an Indian citizen should know what India achieved since 2014, at least. This is so because you praise the current govt for what happened just because what you’re told, you believe. This is, in the sense to begin with, fake stories and fake reports have become common.

Everything would look as if you’re in your own world to appreciate the bad and condemn the good. You would be wrong but you should know what India achieved so far.

An example of fake report to begin with:

News Anchor V/S Comedian

Originally tweeted by Mohammed Zubair (@zoo_bear) on November 1, 2022.

There’s a lot for you to say that current govt not doing bad even if it’s known to you that joblessness increased in leaps and bounds. The poor state of economy in India and the unpalatable GDP, would let you to say what India achieved or would achieve in sometime.

You’ll compare India with poor countries and you would say this is what India achieved so far. Don’t you know how India learning from the reports suggesting everything is fine. But it’s no good to see the rise of poverty and rise of joblessness.

What India Achieved & What You Feel

Why you still feel that your home, family is safer and so everything is fine? Go back a couple of years right before 2014, and see where things stood at that time. No! don’t bother, let’s move on to know a bit more in broad daylight. Means just about something out and out through the way that you would agree even though you might be silent, you’ll notice at least or it’s like believe it or not.

Don’t panic, but many wise people keep saying India is in trouble and will be in deep trouble. Wait! Nobody wants India to go down, in chaos so that there will be nothing left to achieve and what India achieved so far? You say, a word or two to defend, but is it right?

How Crimes Increased & Fake Media Coverage

Media would not let you know the facts. Some specialists do report something logical or factual, but at the same time, they come out with fake reports. This means a few of them create 50% fake reports, and coverup 50% factual reporting, and in the end who suffers? Rapes, mob lynching, murders, scams, online fraud, hate speeches, and much more wouldn’t be covered. These are plenty and nobody wants to know the true picture.

Many like you, keep knowing what they like. If this is what India achieved with you and for you to be so much blind to believe what’s fake and dismiss what’s factual, then it’s time for you to wake up. Understand that why hate-factory invented fake-history, told to you angers you.

The past is gone by and you’re living in the past, which keeps you hate others than live in the present. It’s up to you to decide. Why should you hate others? The others are just like you, to feel the pain, and they bear the pain. The trouble, the suffering of others if you ignore then this is what India achieved and nothing else since 2014.

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