World End Is Near By Knowing Current Times This Way

World End Is Near By Knowing Current Times This Way

World End Is Near… Based Upon 7 Things

Disclaimer: This article is based upon the knowledge of Islam because mostly people of other religions won’t believe that the World would end. The world would end, is what Muslims believe in and do all good. The article world end is near by…, reported to, one and all to not hurt the sentiments of you, one and all.

World end is near, would be discussed more in the comment section. In Hand Writer and the author Khalid M. Raza, not responsible either in whatever way, you mock or believe in whichever way. The author already written more than a dozen explanation to detail articles upon the religion, he believes in, which’s Islam.

Believers, disbelievers and religious people have their own way of lives in whichever way, they live or want to learn more, just anything. Learning more is what’s required other than false-beliefs. Learning more enables people of all religions including atheists to gain authentic knowledge, finally.

  1. The article is specifically written without too many examples
  2. This article shows people, the way of life according to Islam
  3. People should stop hating each other
  4. The world end is near, but also not so near
  5. Yes, anytime the world would end, and so are you prepared?
  6. Do not do mischief on earth. Live and let others live
  7. Know more and learn more authentic knowledge

Current times are no mug to know what’s there in for you in the future. You’ll be not surprised that the world end is near by knowing current times this way. Centuries passed by and everything in this world would expire and so the world would end. Some expert scholars say, it’s very near from now to up to 50 years later. World end is near and how it would be for you if you’re unprepared.

Do You Believe

Mostly, there are signs for you to believe in the Creator, who created everything. The mindset of mankind to every living-being, it’s just that what animals, birds, insects, etc., do by using their brains. Nothing to worry at all and you just live a life, full of doing all good, and stay away from the evil.

Simply, if you ignore the best, which is prepared for you, you’ve to dwell in the hell. However, some believers would be punished in the hell for a time and then moved to paradise. Rejecting paradise (heaven) is nothing but to just keep doing all bad, and staying away from doing good.

Well, a person known to me on social media said: “An atheist asked him, what will be your position if you know in the hereafter that Allah doesn’t exist? He replied: “I would be in much better position than you in front of Allah. That’s the specific reply, which should be noted and understood. This way, if you go through the glorious Quran, you would notice, all good and no bad. Means, you should do all good and no bad.

What Quran says, a bit for you to note down. Killing an innocent human being is, as if like killing the entire humanity. Saving an innocent human being is, as if like saving the entire humanity. Still, people say Muslims are killers.

They say, Islam spread around the world by killing and threatening. This is not true because Islam teaches peace. Those, who know little knowledge about Islam, are dangerous.

Do Not Do Mischief On Earth

Believers have the right to defend. If they’ve to kill their enemies, yes they can. Yes, in those days in which wars were between believers and disbelievers (including idol worshipers). Believers were less in numbers and so they tried their best to defend and kill their enemies in the wars (Jihads).

They won many wars and also won the hearts of the enemies of Islam. Yes, when enemies do mischief on earth, it was the right for the believers to defend and win against the enemies. No world war or any other war was there. The war was between believers and disbelievers.

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The rope of Allah is the glorious Quran

The verses in the glorious Quran, clearly mentions much more about killing and protecting enemies (who restrained from anymore mischief). It’s all about reading and understanding the glorious Quran, completely. No’ out of context content needs to be believed. This way, some will be guided towards righteous path if they spread the truth. Some would not.

There Are Signs For You To Believe

Paul Williams, who have not changed his name after accepting Islam, says and talks about monotheism (religion of Islam). The oneness of Allah and more. See below:

What if you die in a state in which you’ll be just doing all bad. Also, doing so many good deeds, but without believing in the Creator of everything, which exists and exists not? Do not regret later, realize now. Learn and understand where you stand right now.

Signs and various signs mentioned for you in the glorious Quran. What if science discovered it many centuries later, and you still won’t bother to read the glorious Quran?

You should believe. It’s written not by any human being. It’s by your Lord. Here, if you believe in Oneness of your Lord and do good deeds, you’ll be not punished. The sun would rise from the west, and once this happens, your repentance and asking for forgiveness would not be accepted. One of the signs, right before the world end is near. Sun would rise from the opposite side (west). This would happen.

Also read: How sun would rise from the west…

People were and are curious to know when the world will actually end since more than 1400 years. The answer would always remain as it was told: “Are you prepared”.

Have people’s hearts become rocks (stones)? Know more

Why It’s Told World End Is Near

Many scholars with more some authentic knowledge or little-bit authentic knowledge keep saying, the world end is near. You just need to know that everything carry expiry dates and everything will perish. The world will end, but when nobody knows. However, with this current times, it’s understood that world end is near, not so far like 100 years from now.

One peculiar or you can say, a strange statement to many by AIMIM political party president and Hyderabad MP #AsaduddinOwaisi said once or twice that: “Jab sab nistonabood hojayega, tow tumhe kya #YogiAdityanath aayega bachane ya phir #Modi?”. He means that if everything perishes or the world ends, who will save you Yogi or Modi then. This statement was taken wrongly and it was spread as if nistonabood means “genocide”.

People were and are curious to know when the world will actually end since more than 1400 years. The answer would always remain as it was told: “Are you prepared”. This means, one needs to do good deeds and well prepared for the world, will end one day.

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The reply is nothing, but a question to the question that one should be prepared in their lives or temporary lives. These worldly lives are the tests for all to pass and be successful for the endless lives. What would you do when you would be in front of the Creator or your Lord. What would you answer, how did you wasted your time. Do you waste your time in the job interview to fail? No, you would try your best to pass the job interview.

2 Ways (Options)

There are no other options for you than paradise (heaven) or hell. If you reject the most joyful and the most beautiful life of the paradise (heaven), where would you then go? Simply, if you ignore the best, which is prepared for you, you’ve to dwell in the hell. However, some believers would be punished in the hell for a time and then moved to paradise. Rejecting paradise (heaven) is nothing but to just keep doing all bad, and staying away from doing good.

Your intentions matter. The way, scholars with little or a bit more authentic knowledge, keep saying that liars will be believed as if they’re speaking truth.

These days truth is nowhere and some speakers of truth are termed as liars and lies are spreading more. The current times are so cruel that fake news, fake posts are spreading like a wild fire. Lies are termed as truth and truth will be the lies in these current times, and are one of the such signs of the many for world end is near. Not so near though. But there are many more signs, which you must know.

People would openly mix with each other, doing physical activities for pleasure. Means, personal bedroom sexual activities would openly take place, anywhere on the road or public places. People would see how open the world would become.

People would keep doing such pleasurable activities in front of strangers on the roadside or just anywhere in the public places. The good people would say, “can you do so, in some corner”. Wait! one more sign would be, it would be tough to give charity to the poor.

When World End Is Near & Charity, No Takers

There would be no poor people. That’s so nice that mostly, people won’t accept charity. However, there will be 7 (SEVEN) golden years for the believers before the world end is near.

The 7 best years, yet to come, and so it’s not so near that the world will end. But these are all some basics to know when the world ends. In any case, the world can end anytime. The truth is you, me, one, and all never know how close we’re to the end of the world.

Lots of signs appearing during these current times that the world end is near. It’s we, who need to be well prepared before the sun rises from the west.

World End Is Near, You Never Know

Finally, natural calamities like earthquakes and floods would be more. You see here in this current times, there are, occurring such natural calamities, and more of these yet to come. Miracles would be believed by some people like “accidental happenings or surprising saves”.

Authentic knowledge known to not many people at present, and once 7 (SEVEN) golden years end, the world would end. The world would end at anytime and few years from now or within some 50 years.

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