Saturday, December 9, 2023
Asia Cup Cancellation Likely As Pakistan To Benefit More

Asia Cup Cancellation Likely As Pakistan To Benefit More

The 2023 Asia Cup cancellation likely even if Pakistan proposes another hybrid model. This is so because Pakistan to benefit more by playing weaker team before playing India, anywhere. Various sources claimed that cricket experts expect the game between India and Pakistan to be played as an opener.

Broadcasters would likely to lose just too many viewers if first few Asia Cup 2023 matches to not start with a bang. In addition to this, Pakistan would come up high after playing Nepal other than India to start the tournament. The major attraction to the cricketing tournaments starts in accordance with India and Pakistan playing each other to begin with. 

Since over 9 months, the Asia Cup 2023 controversy going on. Former PCB chairman Ramiz Raja earlier and current chairman Najam Sethi were or are in the news. ACC secretary and BCCI president Jay Shah is busy since couple of months thanks to the IPL.

“It will be strange to see the hybrid model, which would be nothing, but an experiment”. Say few cricket experts. However, what will India gain if 4 Asia Cup games played initially in Pakistan. The arguments go on. 

Couple of days back Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary and ACC president broke his silence on Asia Cup 2023 deadlock. He said, during the IPL final on May 28, Sunday, he will discuss. He will come up with a solution for the Asia Cup 2023 hybrid model issue by inviting at least 3 participating cricket boards. The 3 Asia Cup 2023 participating cricket board chiefs would be in India. They’re from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and from Sri Lanka. 

Bottom Lines: Asia Cup Cancellation Likely 

Jay Shah’s intentions are clear that he wants to delay the final decision as much as possible. This way, it would put further pressure on Pakistan. However, Asia Cup cancellation likely. But there would be no major issues for India and the broadcasters, the game should go on. It would be Pakistan on the receiving end. Pakistan’s hosting rights would become null and void if India continues to delay and stays quite.

The silence would also continue even after May 28. India prefers the entire Asia Cup tournament to be shifted from Pakistan. Pakistan, on the other hand would have no other option than breaking its legs by pulling out from the 2023 World Cup in Oct in India.     

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