Business is not Charity So Easy to Say

Business is not Charity So Easy to Say

They or you do business out of some comfort zones and work very hard to achieve whatever little or more out of the so called ventures. The targets or goals might be on a roll to increase one after the other. You as a business-person, realize that it’s better to keep working rather than sit, relax and do the wrong, which would be not pleasing to your own eyes. Some would come and say you, “you’re doing charity”, not business. “Your business is not charity my dear”. This looks good to their ears while they only say so, and also creates arguments.

Why there might be losses?

One would consider so many examples, where the businesses nourished and progressed while the costs for the services to start with were very low. The lower the costs, the lower the income, and then some losses to bear with. But allowing more and more customers to know about the business and its quality services at lower costs.

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Why there might be losses? This is so because the lower the prices of products or services, the sales would be more. And to not accustom to make money out of a little or marginal loss due to each service or product sale, would be dearly increase. The business would be busier and the flow of customers would be more, but losses would be shocking. This means, the more sales, the more losses.

So, one would say, business is not charity, to go in a shell of no clarity as what business owners bearing with. But when more sales, then more raw materials required. The more quantity of raw materials purchased, the more less in cost would be the same. This way, profits automatically increase. This is so because you haven’t increased the prices of your products and services, but you increased the raw material purchase quantity. So, the dealers would reduce the costs of raw materials, and hence more earnings. However, this is some result or outcome.

Investor is not Wrong & Business is not Charity

One won’t know the time is still there to increase the prices of the products and services. This would be followed by a little investment to make the business, a brand aka corporate by renovating the premises. Corporates, usually provide low costs, and bear with and then gain a lot by increasing the prices and the customers.

Also for this, little more money needs to be invested, but this won’t help because business could be under threat of having no working days for a week. This means, business would comeback with more higher prices for its services and products. Renovating, decorating, providing better atmosphere and facilities, and increasing the prices by still running the business, you can gain a lot. But the wait goes on, and so there would be no investors.

No, business is not charity. But to start with little investment by huge loss in the earlier one, where there was huge investment, and huge loss. The money lost would not comeback because there would be no other opportunity.

There would be a vacuum. A vacuum in the business would be like, once your investor, invested huge money for you and you lost that already. The next one, however requires a very little investment to run the business. You proved not just to yourself that you failed once, you know you learned a lot, and in your second venture you did things differently.

Little investment means only a 2% of what you invested upon your earlier one. The criteria is a failure, and would still be regarded as a biggest of failures and that would not pay you back. You won’t be able to correct your mistakes by investing even as low as 2% of what you invested earlier.

The Main-Part, The Good Bottom Lines

So, you’re good in business, you’re good in managing the staff, you’re a professional and a high-class thinking business-person, but you’ve to face the calamity.

The investor would look at you, to how much money he or she lost. Not to get the returns, he or she would simply look at you as a failed business-person. So, no more opportunities for you to return back to do something better by learning from your mistakes.

You won’t realize that you proved to be a failure in all your goals. You haven’t did anything wrong, yet you should be thankful that you’re still living happily. But with a so called another name for you as a ‘failure’. You, a failed person and no one is wrong, but you.

You don’t need to worry, you should be happy until when you don’t have enough money to survive. Even then you should be thankful for the next day, as you’re still alive. Who knows the next day, which would be the best. Tomorrow is another day and you would be fed with, and with the tastiest of food.

You might be talented and creative, but you’re dead. No one would notice what good you do. Everyone would take you, negatively. They won’t like your brilliant ideas, but you’re not lost because you’ve the best with you, and nothing to worry at all.

Finally, you won’t be given an another chance; just like when you die, you won’t be back to life, in this world. Abruptly to say so, you’re a dead business-person. So they say, business is not charity, and obviously not a hole, it’s a whole world for you.

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