Youth Die in Hyderabad on Dreams linger Work Abroad

Youth Die in Hyderabad on Dreams linger Work Abroad

Youth life is of dreams, ambitions, setting of goals and to change their lifestyles. While youth set goals to achieve, the delay makes them feel so bad that they become chain-smokers. The never-ending story of how youth die in Hyderabad because of heart-attacks, and other ailments, is an awful truth. Some would be desperate to work anywhere abroad. Some love American life, and some set goals to work in the Gulf (keeping in mind) when they return they want to be entrepreneurs. Most of the youth dream of working in stress-free Western countries. In this case, one can say, youth die in Hyderabad to work abroad.

There might be several reasons to why they want to work abroad even after they comeback, and wanting to fly abroad again. They do not appreciate the slow culture of Hyderabad. The slow-life, and the non-recognition of whatever they achieve or keep achieving.

Once, the Youth leave the jobs in India due to redundancy, and they wait for better opportunities. The time goes so fast that there will come some gap in between. This gap swallows all their dreams.

Meanwhile, the employers everywhere in India won’t appreciate the work-force for their good-work. They provide them with more assignments or projects in a limited frame of time or minimal time to complete. More will be and much more hard-work for nothing good in return.

Youth die in Hyderabad to work abroad

To go abroad and work, they need financial help. But who would come in their way to help them achieve what they want to? They are so tired of no work and slowness of Hyderabad life, that they will be in stress, all the time. Even at the age of 30-35 years, young-men or youth die in Hyderabad due to lot of stress. Here, the word “die” means desperation. Stop them. One shouldn’t be so desperate to whatever he or she wants.

Sitting idle with friends during late night hours, to wakeup late in the afternoon, it’s a menace. Here, firstly, forget waking them up in the mornings. They just like sleeping in the mornings of Hyderabad, which looks just so cozy to them. Morning turns up to their mourning whenever they get-up. The people here in Hyderabad or the NRIs, use words of discourage. Belittle many and opt to not talk with the youth, who do nothing.

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Doing nothing in Hyderabad, is a taboo. So, youth keep saying, they are in “real estate or in marketing”, etc… The lies come automatically as some of them say, they’ve invested huge money, and they need not like anything more to do. Some of them learn a lot in Hyderabad by closely watching failed people.

Accordingly, the words “youth die in Hyderabad” have several meanings to the extent that some of them commit suicides upon silly things. They did hard-work in their studies, and couldn’t pass with good scores or failed, they commit suicides, which is some desperation. The desperation needs to be take out from them.

The Good Bottom Lines

They also learn by failing in their businesses. So, youth learn a lot from their own mistakes or failure stories of others or from their own failures. Here, nobody comes in their way to be convinced with them that they truly learned a lot.

Some dreams need to be fulfilled. But if youth take seriously when restricted to do things of their choice, they should be content with what they have, and shouldn’t be content with what they do. They should try to not waste a single minute. This way, they can peacefully wherever they might be in Hyderabad. Waste of time is just a crime.

The youth in Hyderabad are not cognizant of the struggle abroad, which every NRI experienced already and are experiencing. They just want to fly away or run-away from Hyderabad, India to some other foreign country. But it’s all life’s game, which keeps people to where they’re placed. And how they struggle in Hyderabad, India to not overcome their stress. Stress is the solo reason in Hyderabad for youth to leave, which can’t be justified at all.

The relatives and friends, which is the other reason for creating inequality between people of Hyderabad and the NRIs. Youth in Hyderabad should be content with what they have, and shouldn’t be content with what they do.

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