With Regular Emotional Experiences Know what happens next

With Regular Emotional Experiences Know what happens next

A person, who seeks good relations with everyone after some ifs and buts, which in anyway created some distance due to a “pseudo-quarrel”. Good people never fight loud. They know how to keep patience, but at least once in their life they go louder, but they realize, it’s not at all good. So, they keep patience, but in return they’re slowly poisoned or tortured on regular basis. This means, with regular emotional experiences, life becomes tough. People who turn from bad to good deserve peace of mind. It’s just kills their time and also makes them stronger at the same time. Their strength would surely grow.

A little or more, but surely some kind of torture or with regular emotional experiences, which if numbered from 1 to 5, where 5 stands as more. Also, it’s shocking to know that torturing someone by abusing, mixing falsehood with truth and by not responding or ignoring; definitely hurtful or a number 3 torture as mentioned or even if lesser to about 1 or 2. What would a person feel when he or she goes on with regular emotional experiences? To avoid such abuse, be prepared.

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Be prepared to become toughest for the tough. They do, and do. Let them do whatever they would like to. The first and last step should you take would be to avoid meeting such people to the extent that even if it’s not good and not peaceful for you, do not receive their phone-calls. This is so because when they have time or a good time with some others, they ignore you. This is also so because when they need your help, they call you ‘n’ times.

Stop ’em

It’s good for you to keep good relations with everyone, but if people harm you more or less on regular basis, just stop them.

Stopping people from abusing or hurting you, would be of multiple ways. One – to not visit their homes, Two – to not attend their calls, Three – when you meet them anywhere else, be so very kind and so very nice to them. That’s it. Here you’re not hurting anyone in this life of yours to feel guilty of. Everyone would know about you more and would realize not sooner, but in sometime. This world is funny for them all. But for you, if for some reason with regular emotional experiences, the world looks the worst.

A famous poet said: A thread if cut, you can’t join it with ease, as it needs to be joined by a knot. It would not be the same. The knot would be there. This is the thread of emotional connection between you and few others. Also, if you tied the knot so strong, but however lengthy the thread would become with that knot, you won’t or none of you feel the pain. Ignore the knot in the thread of connection to feel not hurt. But they, if point at the knot and keep you reminding about, stop them by any means.

Don’t Be Trapped With Regular Emotional Experiences

You did your best to maintain good relations, and you would be excited to know what wrong you did, simply you accepted, and also you were forgiven. This way, you think, you left all bad behind and you move forward with all good with you.

You’re good, and you deserve peace of mind and joy too, but time and again you experience some signs of attacks on your character. So, don’t take it, and also give it not. Don’t be tensed and don’t put others in awe. Just walkaway. Ignore and do what you want to, but not anything bad. You’re good, and so more people would try their best to hurt you. Not anymore, that’s it, which you should think.

Take things as easy as possible, otherwise you would end-up to be in severe depression. You did your best, and now it’s time for you to relax. Wait. Days would pass, weeks, months and years, and you would also pass away. So, be positive from your side to be honest. People harm you, if you let them to do so. Avoid negative-mind-set people. These days, negativity is at the peak. So, be it. Move forward. Live your life in a better way. Else, you would suffer.

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