8 Good Life Lessons can go straight in your Heart

8 Good Life Lessons can go straight in your Heart

8 Good Life Lessons to teach yourself

Choosing a career in business or job at the age of 18, would be a daunting task. Teenagers often would be confused because what they like the most to become, they choose. That’s not right to begin with. The challenges in one’s life would be to choose something, which would be tough while it would make one to shine later.

Why it’s so important to not commit the same mistake from which you tasted losses? Learning from mistakes are the growing cells, which everyone should carry, can make sense. Sensible people also do commit certain mistakes. But they do learn from. They won’t do such mistakes ever and so they learn 8 good life lessons to emerge from falling apart. They’re in progress and would be in peace of mind. They won’t be hurt and they would learn everyday if they do not commit similar mistakes again and again.

Look always in the eyes to catch something to learn. Eye contact is necessary. These are 8 good life lessons. Would you know or not, you let yourself feel how, why, where and when.

Even if you choose the best way since you grow-up to build your career, you commit at least 8 horrible mistakes. You should learn these 8 good life lessons, which could possibly come in everyone’s lives.


People have their own designs of dreams to work hard and achieve what they prefer to become later on. For example, to become a doctor, engineer, businessperson, politician, sportsperson, and so on. Here one would be guided by the elders in ways, which to the elders look easier that one would do so and achieve. The choice is yours and yours always to decide. You just need to take a step, and everything would be complete. You would become so and so and comply with the wishes of your parents.

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Are you satisfied. No, you won’t guide anyone younger to you to choose your own profession. You would say, “don’t”. This means in a way to conclude on the choice of what you made. You would see thrilling stories of doctors, engineers, etc., and you would choose from the so called list. But the choice is yours, and you do so, you should choose you yourself.

If you like what you prefer to, you would be in satisfactory whether you like what you do or what not, later on. This is your choice and you should be responsible, and should you not show your dedication?. Yes, you would and so one should learn 8 good life lessons, which would come one after the other. You decided, and it’s of your choice. You would do justice to what you have chosen. Right?.

Before you know 8 good life lessons

Selecting a career in business or for a good job at the age of 18, would be something tough. Teenagers would be confused because what they like the most to become, they choose. That’s not right to begin with.

The challenges in one’s life would be to choose something, which would be tough or not, but would make one to shine later. Don’t look at the huge success of others, look in yourself to let yourself accomplish the task you have to set as a goal. Guide yourself what you want to become in a best possible way.

8 Good Life Lessons

  • First confirm whatever it might be. If it looks true, still you need to reconfirm the report and if it’s not true, just disagree and raise your voice. Be always with the truthful. Do not make friendship with liars.
  • As far as interview call is concerned, do not waste your time by just attending the interview. Make something out of it to learn why did you not passed it. Meanwhile, look what your employer trying here to hire whom and to whom not.
  • Be nice to everyone, not just because you should be good enough to do that, but you need to maintain equal relations with everyone. The break-ups comes in here, when you notice someone is misguiding you or is a betrayer, you never know. Just keep him or her away from your all affairs, else he or she would definitely backstab you, and with that you would be highly disappointed.
  • Do not waste a single minute, which means you shouldn’t be doing nothing for a minute.
  • Judge yourself first whether you’re a good person to know how to deal with others in a way so nice. Just when you attend a party, you would like most of the stuff, which would be good, but a few things would be not. So, people’s character is also based upon this. If they’ve good habits more and bad habits few, just say overall they’re good. So, be nice to one and all.

3 More

  • Don’t fall in the trap of arguments. Suppose you are a bit 5 minutes late in entering the office because you did help someone very old in between and you know you’re right and did the best. Your boss reminds you that you’re late. You shouldn’t clarify with any reason even if it looks good to anyone. Just accept and let that pass away.
  • Be just be noticed by others about your achievements, not just by knocking their doors to say, you did this, you did that. Don’t be oversmart if you know, or you know everything. Listening is good. Don’t listen to reply, just listen to understand what’s told to you.
  • Discuss with those people, your affairs if things are common with you and those people. Make friends, but don’t be influenced by your friends to follow their way, which would divert your inner-self and could possibly distract you from following what good you learned. It’s good to learn all good, but it’s again bad to learn even 1 or 2 wrongs. Wrong is wrong if it’s confirmed that it’s wrong. You know what to do, simply with a way, and by following the right path. The right path is what teaches you the best to know more other than 8 good life lessons.

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