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Chaiwala to Politician PM Modi needs to be arrested demand experts

Chaiwala (Tea-seller) was exposed in the year 2002 when he massacred thousands of innocents. He wanted to gain something out of his criminal mind to please the majority. He did so when after he achieved Chief Minister’s post in Gujarat. His Jumlebaazi (Fake use of History) and false claims to present Muslim community in India […]

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People of Kashmir never wept over all sorts of trouble since 1 year

The fact, which was concealed and remains to be heard on few news platforms is and was tearful since 1 year. People of Kashmir has to bear all sorts of trouble imposed over them. The BJP govt never thought over the bad returns it will get when Modi started troubling People of Kashmir. PM Narendra […]

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Imran Khan to free Kashmir from atrocities of Narendra Modi

In what was a delayed but sensible fight for freeing Kashmiris from the atrocities of Indian Army opens new directions. People of Kashmir including majority of Muslims suffering under the direction of Narendra Modi to Indian Army. Pakistan media and other reliable sources claimed that Imran Khan to free Kashmir soon. The time for the […]

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Fat people mostly go through bed rest for months before death: Study

Bed rest is a concern for many people of middle ages as mostly they want to die in simplicity & ease. Death can’t be ignore as every soul will taste it sooner or later. A study published in “The Medicine” shocked most of the experts wanting to say that regular exercise might be mandatory in […]

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Vegetarians criticize animal sacrifice in India without valid reasons

Vegetarians criticizing the sacrifice of animals, which makes no sense as Eid-ul-Azha will be carried on in India. And around the World. The word “sacrifice” creates panic in the minds of disbelievers. They never know that slaughter houses in India do always operate everyday. Large number of beef and other meat exported to various countries. […]

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Happiness over little things makes people confident of achieving goals

Majority of people always think that so and so is happy because of the weekend and that comes every week. And why he’s so happy over this? Why he or she happy over little things? Well, happiness over little things can make you feel more confident over whatever work you do to accomplish it. The […]

Rapist, Victim, 14 year old, hospital, Crime

Why Rapist of 14 year old in hospital toilet name hidden – BJP govt blamed?

The rape in a largest 10,000 bed COVID hospital in the south Delhi was gruesome. The 14 year old girl was heinously raped in the toilet as media reported without bothering to name the rapist. It was horrible and a painful incident when the rapist’s friend helped him to rape the 14-year-old girl. Suspicious stories […]

Muslims suffering in India, Babri Masjid, Poor people, BJP govt, innocents

Why Muslims suffering in India as BJP needs to explain for what?

There’s some reason for Muslims to suffer in India as criminal politics carried out through BJP IT cell. And that reason is the nature of BJP’s power to find at least 30 percent of India’s population in their favor. These 30% of the people of India never care for India’s progress or about rise of […]

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Best small businesses during COVID-19 recession times to earn good money

You can start best small businesses during COVID-19 or recession times. A small business during COVID-19 can also proceed to earn good money even after the end of the pandemic. The best small businesses during COVID-19 referred as recession proof businesses. Moreover, you can continue with such businesses even after recession goes away and the economy recovers. Starting […]

Chaiwala, Narendra Modi taking India, BJP, China, Bangladesh, Economy

Narendra Modi taking India towards losing long term friend Bangladesh

India will be losing another long term friend Bangladesh soon. This is so because PM Narendra Modi taking India towards such a disaster that India is losing their neighbors. Already lost neighbors with enmity include China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, etc. This means that almost entire neighborhood of India will be lost as […]

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Independence Day celebrations in India have great values this way

A Set of guidelines needs to be issued for Independence Day celebrations. These guidelines should be carried out in all states and Union Territories across India this way: The least that India could do this time during 2020 Independence Day celebrations is to provide 4G to Kashmiris. This will ensure the people of Kashmir that […]

Hospital treatment for COVID-19, Patients, Doubtful deaths, Care, people

Hospital treatment for COVID-19 patients confuses people?

Many patients of rich families recovered from COVID-19 with treatment facilities given to them at their homes. However, Amitabh Bachchan, his son along with Aishwarya Rai and her daughter admitted to Nanavati hospital in Mumbai. Bachchans could have easily taken treatment for COVID-19 at their big home with all available facilities. This way they could […]

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Your business works with your own style of you to be with you always

During this COVID-19 pandemic, people lost jobs and lost businesses too. Many businesses had to shutdown particularly in India because of the setback to the economy since 2019. You can look towards a bit more in the past to think your business losses since 2016. And for more years to come as an Indian BJP […]

Telangana govt to benefit people, vaccine, COVID-19, KCR asked to protect, Hyderabad Muslims, BJP, Police

Telangana govt to benefit people affected with COVID-19 to buy vaccine

Telangana State Chief Minister KCR criticized recently for demolishing Mosques & a Temple at Secretariat in Hyderabad. His intention was known later but that’s the least we need to know. However, Telangana govt to benefit people will come forward for the sale of COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine of India approved by ICMR will be available […]

COVID-19, Massive Protests, Bill Gates, Vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, Population, Killings

COVID-19 Vaccine story dismisses thoughts of COVID-19 as Bio weapon

Various reports revealed on Internet content posts. And with the use of YouTube to make believe people that COVID-19 is a bio weapon. YouTube videos are more of values these days. This virus, earlier known as Corona, has been declared as pandemic few months back. The 21st Century of Science and Technology reached to new […]