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4 Tips to stay at home during COVID-19 without worrying too much

Most of us are tired of the lockdown extension after extension and also unable to find our two ends meet. When we say that our two ends couldn’t able to meet then it’s our financial problem as per archaic wordings. We’ll discuss about accruing some income in order to live happily and also to live […]

Look for 6 days fasting in Shawwal, Biggest and smallest sins, What People, Muslims, Kashmir, Prayers, Indian Govt

Look for 6 days fasting in Shawwal after entire Ramadan fasting

Many Muslims might be enjoying a day off (Eid) with all fresh hot delicious meals and tea in the daytime. They’ve not experienced such a day since a month long fasting of Ramadan. They might be relaxed or some might be sleeping now during this big day’s afternoon. However, the rewards they got with their […]

Mistakes Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi begs, Narendra Modi took wrong decision, Narendra Modi cursed, Foreign Media, BJP, India, innocents, Muslims

What mistakes Narendra Modi did for spread of COVID-19 in India?

We will go through the mistakes Narendra Modi did as PM of India for the rapid spread of COVID-19. This should be known to us in order to appeal for a safe India in the coming months. Firstly, the doctors in India never allowed to do their duty to treat COVID-19 patents with protective kits. […]

Muslims celebrated Eid, Last 10 nights, Delaying prayers to that extent, Mein Gunaho se door, Ramadan is month to learn, Muslims, five time ablution, Prayers, Corona Virus

Muslims celebrated Eid at homes with Eid prayers along with their families

Muslims celebrated Eid across the world while enjoying Eid prayers prayed homes. Indian Muslims maintained social distancing while some of them prayed with their neighboring apartment flats on the terrace. However, no Indian Muslim violated the norms of COVID-19. And they felt it was not necessary to meet their neighbors and relatives. They’ve celebrated Eid […]

24 hour lockdown, KCR asked to protect, Hyderabad Muslims, BJP, Police

24 hour lockdown in Telangana State from this Tuesday

Telangana State Chief Minister is worried over the hike in number of Coronavirus cases in India. And in order to maintain sanity immediately after Eid, he has decided for a 24 hour lockdown. People of TS are increasingly roaming around the streets. Some for Iftar fruits and some others doing Eid shopping to boost the […]

This Article, Amit Shah not speaking, No serious cases, News Channels paid tribute, Amit Shah, Home Minister, Cancer, Health

This Article tries best to explain why Amit Shah creating fake posts

This article might be useful for a good read. Moreover, you can find out that much only to get out of confusion regarding Amit Shah. Amit Shah is suffering from bone cancer. He cannot walk properly or speak something meaningful. But, his social media handles are too busy. This is so because Amit Shah is […]

PM CARES fund, Muslims, Poor, India

PM CARES Fund not used for Poor people as Muslims in India come forward

Remember the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi started the campaign of PM CARES SBI account. In his campaign he wanted all Indians to fund PM CARES in whatever amounts they can credit with. So, almost 70 Crore Indians had come forward. And credited the account with amounts ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs more […]

Telangana Police is not bad, BJP insulted worldwide, Communal violence never occurs, Hyderabad Police, Law, Peaceful protests

Telangana Police is not bad compared to rest of India Police based on RSS

When it’s said Telangana Police is not bad then you can understand the chronology here. Let’s talk about Telangana Police to begin with. Well, Police in Telangana State seldom create trouble or harass Muslims but they do take bribes. However, during protests in India against NRC, CAA etc, the Police of Telangana played a key […]

Massive Protests, Bill Gates, Vaccine, COVID-19, Population, Killings

is Bill Gates really Evil for COVID-19 Outbreak for depopulation?

Bill Gates is now in all the discussions in the closed doors. He might be responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak or not but let’s discuss more. We’ve clearly indicated in our earlier article about this 65 year old Microsoft founder. Here it is: Check it out now or later. And another one here. Western Countries […]

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How to Smoke Cigarettes in COVID-19 Period until COVID-19 ends?

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. And most of us smoke cigarettes even after knowing the diseases like cancer we get. It’s highly tough battle for the smokers as the smokers can give up anything but not cigarettes. The most addictive habit is consumption of wine but Muslims fight hard to give it up. This […]

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No Eid shopping say scholars as market open in India for 4 days before Eid

No Eid shopping for Muslims this Ramadan but only worshiping and helping people required. The more you worship and the more you help people of any religion the better Muslim you’ll be. Say scholars. It’s highly recommended for Muslims in India to never follow the way shown to them. The way shown is nothing but […]

Massive Protests, Bill Gates, Vaccine, COVID-19, Population, Killings

Massive protests started to arrest Bill Gates for crimes over humanity

Massive protest across the world including the most important protests in America started today. Bill Gates is in hiding and his addressing to the CIA video leaked and many tweets on twitter popped up. It means that there’s a wait and watch game seems good enough for the 65 year old Microsoft Engineer. Bill Gates […]

This Article, Amit Shah not speaking, No serious cases, News Channels paid tribute, Amit Shah, Home Minister, Cancer, Health

Amit Shah not speaking to media seems that something is wrong with him

Union Home Minister is not that busy to never come out. And speak as he claims he’s busy over COVID-19 impact. This claim of his is from his twitter handler. He repeatedly and frequently tweeting with the opinion of Amit Shah. But, Amit Shah not speaking to media or never coming out even with a […]

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6 Days of fasting in Shawwal after Eid are as good as fasting entire year

The first day of Shawwal is Eid al-Fitr. Muslims should observe 6 days of fasting in Shawwal. Shawwal is the month after the month of Ramadan. Eid ul-Fitr day fasting is prohibited. This is so because Muslims cannot fast on the day of Eid ul-Fitr. They need to celebrate the Eid day. However, the 6 days of fasting after […]

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Hindu followers of BJP hate Muslims for what will they gain?

Many Hindu followers of BJP do hate Muslims for what reason? They might take a clear stand and understand the sentiments of the Muslims as Muslims do. Muslims respect all religions and never spread fake stories or insult any religion in India or in foreign countries. Yet Hindu followers of BJP hate Muslims but they’ll […]