Flying To America Craze No More

Flying To America Craze No More

Why Flying To America Craze No More

The craze of most of the people in India, who used to think America as the country of opportunities. And they used to say: “life bangayee” means they achieved huge success as people used to claim until 2020 since 1970’s. They were fond of America, where they can do anything to earn good money. Earning money for them was like a dream. So, they used to try and keep trying in many ways to get their passport stamped with American visa.

Now, the case is different as almost all the visa consultancies keep hunting people to provide migration services. Yes, visa processing consultancies trying their best to find aspiring candidates in order to keep their business running post the lockdowns. Consultancies also doing all necessary work including coaching and training the aspiring candidates.

However, the consultancies get one or two candidates as their “special clients” for American visa process out of as many as hundred candidates, they keep calling everyday. Since 2020, and the COVID lockdown, consultancies bearing huge losses. And now busy in calling people to divert their attention towards migration.

Why Canada ?

People are wary to take any risk these days. And have so much to do because they’re stuck with what they’re doing and are afraid to take anymore risks. The dent in their lives already created with the rise of joblessness in India. Fresh graduates looking to do something else than spend huge money including skyrocketing flight prices for migration. Pandemic also has pushed people to remain stuck to whatever they’re doing. And in this way people have so many stories to say.

The craze of flying to America has gone away because people are fighting to meet their two ends. They do not have “liquidity” or cash in hand to spend even 200 thousand INR to build their career. Most of them, who can spend money to migrate, preferring Canada over the U.S. This is so because migrating to Canada is easy and can guarantee citizenship later on.

Flying to America, a dream for every middle class Indian is now not so. The craze to land in America and live American dreamlife fading away. Some rich people want to be transformed as American citizens to live an organized life in America. Life in America is still a dreamlife for some of the Indians wanting to land in America currently. But they’re stuck over some duties either preferring to stay with parents in India to take care or have some long-term goals. And also confused while waiting for the pandemic to end.


The middle class people in order to see India from American eyes, wanting to “upgrade” their status. Pride and sorrow mixed together for middle class Indians, who recently landed in America are struggling to find jobs currently. Learning from the jobseeker Indians in America, many Indian graduates preferring Canada. Currently hundreds of migrating centers in India providing visa processing for Canada. Youth and people of age below 35 years preferring Canada over America.

& More For What Matters…

These are few little things that matters a lot for the middle class to stay away from all sorts of trouble back in India. They cope with whatever comes their way and also easily get habituated of the conditions. The weather in America is not so worrying because it’s all cold or coldest during the year and certainly protections will be there for everyone.

Indians enjoy great reputation in the Western and Gulf countries. History speaks in favor of Indians to attract employers. The hardworking abilities and loyalty of Indians, who previously worked abroad until present has put India on top. You will be given first preference by employers for any job you applied for, if you’re an Indian. Employers look for Indians to fill up the job vacancies than people from any other Asian country.

That’s the reason why it’s so interesting to learn that some people from India never change while they live American life. They’ll be the same guys as they were known in India before even though they work in America.

However, they show their bright side of life through social media to their friends living in their country of origin. They keep their dark side always hidden.

Free To Do What One Can

No pressures, no tensed minds. And no depressed mindset keeps the middle class from India to work hard in America. They think, one day, they would get their desired permanent residency in America. That’s the reason why they keep working hard.

Some of them are too smart to get themselves married to a nice American citizen and then live their dreams. This way, though they secure their legal permanent stay in America, they still have to fulfil their family wants. These wants would never end. And that’s not an issue. Achieving goals is not in their minds as they’ve no time to set goals. They work hard and keep working hard without taking even calculated risks.

Their success is limited. They do what is required for them to live happily in America. They’re free to do whatever they want to and never set any goals as the biggest solo goal for them is living in America. That’s where their time passes away and when they realize what they’ve done so far, they become old.

However, in western countries, the dignity of job matters. Not that you work as housekeepers or storekeepers need to worry about your low wage jobs. You can still earn something substantial to keep going on independently without asking anyone for help. This makes some people happy for, ever since they start U.S. visa processing for flying to America. However even after flying to America some people struggle a lot.

NRIs Living in America Avoid Visiting India

People work in western countries often do not miss India. Yes, some of the people, who achieved something big in America while on top level jobs, do visit India. Yes, they too do not miss India. But to know their strength, they keep visiting India. And they still like American life. And would never think twice to return back to India for good because for them the American life matters most. Also they prefer to live independently without any hassles.

They do want to stay away from Indian culture, pollution, and traffic. They keep taking good care of their health. And they forget what they were in India, which makes them to think as Americans, talk as Americans, also eat as Americans, and so on.

Why Flying To America Matters…

Temporary NRIs or those just landed in America think that they’ve achieved something, which’s the reason for them to be proud of. And these some of the Indians even while working as storekeepers or working for gas-stations think that they’re not ordinary people. Well, people have their own reasons not to become NRIs and live in their own country to achieve their goals. And for those, who landed in America have no other goals than ambitions or desires to become permanent residents of America.

There are about 2.5 Million Indians in America, who’re not authorized to work but they do work on a very few dollars per hour. And that’s what they take and work for too many hours per day. There are about 2 Million Indians, who never visited India since more than 10 years, fearing their American dreamlife will be seized off. Frequent visitors to India from America are in a very low percentage. Mostly, those who are in top level jobs in America visit India once in every two years for about a month.

What Flying To America Back Speaks…

And when they leave India… They lament about India’s pollution, traffic, and everything that they see in India, which always looks strange to them. They’re fooled over what life taught them as they don’t realize that India is way behind to America. And few minor mistakes of Indians looks as crimes to them. Mostly, they blame the bike riders, auto-drivers, and the pedestrians too. So then again their short visit to India looks not as a reunion for them even if they meet friends and relatives.

Just only few hours from their departure, they inform their friends and relatives and so they fly back to America.

They wake up early on vacation in India even on a short visit. And take shower, do shaving and get ready for the breakfast. Start criticizing India and the people while having hot cooked delicious breakfast. It would be good if they visit India well prepared to mingle with the people to have more fun. But they prefer to point at silly mistakes or some errors of their friends and relatives and a visit in India for them at the end looks horrible to them.

People living in India try their best to make their stay as comfortable as they would like. But they ignore the positives and highlight the negatives. So, they rush and fly back to America after counting each day.

Indians In America

Most of the Indians also do a lot, helping their relatives in India while working in America. Mostly the dependents of the student visa holders work for many hours per day to earn more money. They capitalize their legal stay in America and work away from home in order to meet two ends to survive. They keep calling their dear ones, who are unfortunately stuck in India. Also they help financially to their dear ones to live even better life in India. And also they keep fulfilling the requirements of their siblings to achieve goals.

Well, that’s not a bad idea to live in America as long as they want to and in order to become American permanent residents.

One step forward is the green card, their big achievement of securing legal stay in America. And then to become American citizens as their biggest achievement. That’s how life goes on and time passes briskly as they become senior citizens to get benefits and so on.

The life of the Indians working in America passes so fast. And that’s while doing jobs, they don’t have time to think visiting India to meet their relatives or friends.

Some of the NRIs after earning some good position or earning good money in America do visit India, but not frequently. Once in five years or so they visit India. They do lot of shopping in India. Eat good tasty Indian food. And yet they keep cursing India. And complain all the time when in India about life in India, about friends and relatives and so on.

Why Flying To America, A Dream For Middle Class ?

Flying to America for a life full of joy might not be as such as you think. And yes, for those, who want to leave India permanently for American dreamlife on student visas, or work visas have to wait for some more time. However, most of the Indians want to study in America to live permanently there. And even if they get a 2 year student visa, or work visa; their dream is to live in America as long as they can. They’re always ready to do any job and earn money in America to lift themselves up.

America provides more job opportunities and you can still make money while building your career. That’s not wrong. But for a better life in America, no more easy white color jobs available in America, currently. You still can find jobs in America if you work hard as a job seeker. The point is flying to America to fulfil your dream has become tough while so the craze for flying to America gone down.

Indians in America have to bear all that’s not too easy. However, nobody from India will be in deep trouble if they’ve any sort of job in hand in America. But yes, Indians used to be so excited after American visa stamped on their passports that they think they belong to America and their American life begins as they’ve achieved what they wanted. And that’s what they think their dreams has come true. But now they’re looking forward towards something to earn money while spending as less as they can.

People in India are so affected with crises after crises that they’re not thinking flying to America to migrate and get settled there. It’s something beyond their capacity to afford migrating to America or think about working in America.

Aspiring Candidates

You need to be fully vaccinated in order to land in America. Some countries like Saudi Arabia not allowing even vaccinated Indians. Vaccination always helps even if you’re denied entry to America. And if you think you’re vaccinated and are ready to book a ticket to America, then check when you were fully vaccinated.

The case will be not in your favor if you’re fully vaccinated long-back, means more than six months back. But you can still be safe for flying to America when again you get yourself fully vaccinated just few months before your flight date. Be cautious, and avoid travelling with sick persons even though they’re your close friends or relatives.

Any job in America for Indians will be as good as something “great”, which they think as an achievement. Since over 50 years America has been a dream country for Indians. In the 1970’s and later in the 1990’s and currently, Indians flaunt that “success” achieved when American visa stamped. Not at all worried over what’s their life would be in America.

They’ve to struggle a lot to and yet they enjoy American lifestyle while spending as less as they can. And even if they can afford a good accommodation, they prefer to save money, sticking to a very low level, low priced shared rooms. There are about a million of NRIs living in America, who never visited their country of birth since more than 30 years.

It looks as if Delta Variant has become insurgent in America and so Canada becomes a good option.

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